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Geneva Dentures and Partials

Our Doctors are Certified and highly qualified to fabricate Geneva Partials and Dentures. Cherry Creek Dentistry is one of the few certified dental practices in Denver to offer cosmetic Geneva dental appliances: the Swiss-made porcelain teeth that superbly mimic the transparency and translucency of natural teeth.

Geneva Denture teeth are each hand crafted and finished to achieve a natural look. The well-constructed porcelain teeth are resistant to abrasion and staining. In addition, the tissue is fabricated with life-like characteristics. This attention to detail and materials creates some of the most cosmetic and finest dentures available today.

Geneva Dentures in Combination with Dental Implants

As you can imagine after reading about our dental implant and Geneva denture services, the two technologies combined offer the most stable and natural tooth replacements possible. Many of our Geneva denture-wearing patients regularly receive compliments on their beautiful smile.

If you have ever experienced frustration with traditional dentures, schedule a consultation at Cherry Creek Dentistry with one of our  doctors today to discuss a new path for your teeth replacements. Call us today at 303-758-7676.


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