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Sedation Dentistry: Painless Dental Work

Our first priority is your comfort. And at Cherry Creek Dentistry, our doctors ensure this in a variety of ways. One is patient education and doctor-patient communication, so that you fully understand the procedures taking place. Removing patient uncertainty via education makes patients much more relaxed and ready to engage with their dental work.

Another way we promote patient comfort is effective and varied anesthesia. No matter your level of dental anxiety, we provide an appropriate type of sedation dentistry that will make your appointment a calm, and pleasant experience. Our office is Colorado State inspected and Certified to perform many types of sedation, including light to moderate conscious sedation. Literally, sleep through your treatment!

Sleep Sedation Dentistry

IV “sleep” sedation allows you to receive a portion or all of your dental treatment while in a state of total relaxation. This is ideal for those who experience high anxiety when undergoing dental treatment. You will be conscious and able to understand your dentist and respond to questions. Throughout this safe procedure, your heart activity, blood pressure, and pulse, and carbon dioxide levels are monitored as you are supplied with 100% oxygen. Although IV sedation alleviates anxiety and pain, our doctors will supplement with a local anesthetic, but you will have no recollection of the numbing process. You will not feel any pain or remember the dental appointment. Many patients choose to have all their dental procedures done with “sleep” sedation. IV sedation is an option for even your teeth cleaning. Choose IV sleep sedation to stifle your gag reflex, save time, receive more dental work in one appointment, and reduce anxiety for a pleasant dental experience.

For those more comfortable with dental visits just wishing to avoid oral pain, we offer local anesthesia. By initially applying topical anesthetic, we reduce the pain of the local anesthetic injections. Those afraid of needles need not worry: we will apply a numbing oral anesthetic gel to the site of the shot, so that you won’t feel a thing.

Comfortable dental work is a possibility. We want you to look forward to your next visit! If you have any questions about the anesthesia options supplied by our office, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 303-758-7676 and discuss your treatment options.

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