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 Cosmetic Dentistry is a big part of our practice. Our talented dentists have many years of training to perfect their techniques, and offer only the most natural-looking cosmetic treatment. Below, we’ve detailed the treatment options that could be right for you.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, our dentists are always striving to repair teeth in the least invasive way. Our goal is to avoid surgery or root canals, which saves you time, pain, and money, and we like that. One of the most effective dental structures for reshaping and restructuring damaged or non-ideal teeth is a dental crown.

Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are precision fit “caps” that fit over and bond to existing teeth. Crowns can take on a variety of roles, like replacing formerly decayed areas, protecting natural teeth, and repairing tooth structure. If a tooth is cracked, a dental crown will hold the entire tooth together and lend security to the rest of the bite. Crowns are excellent in situations where the structural integrity of a tooth is in question. They can also protect sensitive teeth or prevent further decay. Dental crowns can work in conjunction with other dental structures, like dentures, bridges, or implants, to completely restore missing teeth.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, our dentists offer several crown options, all involving strong, tooth-colored, highly protective porcelain.

Why Porcelain?

Porcelain is the premier dental material for both its cosmetic and structural properties. After taking an impression, your dentist will send a mold of your teeth to a lab so that porcelain crowns can be sculpted to perfectly fit your teeth. Our Cosmetic Dentists will also consult with you to choose the ideal crown shade – a chance to match the surrounding tooth color or, if planning to whiten, go with a  brighter color. When your crown is cemented to your tooth, it will fit intimately and restore your natural tooth shape, structure, and color.  At Cherry Creek Dentistry we provide the highest quality custom made porcelain crowns available.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

For patients who value both a durable crown and a natural look, our Cosmetic Dentists offer crowns consisting of porcelain fused to only high-noble metal (a metal alloy consisting of only precious metal like platinum and gold). These crowns fortify your teeth, are incredibly long lasting, and still blend in with your smile. The reason why we use high noble metal is because it does not corrode with moisture- unlike non-precious metals . Porcelain fused to metal crowns are the crown solution for those wishing to find a midpoint between aesthetics and functionality.

If your teeth have undergone considerable wear and tear, crowns could provide the restructuring and restoration you need. Able to conceal and prevent against discoloration, fractured teeth, or decay, crowns can revitalize your mouth both structurally and cosmetically. Whether you are missing a portion of a tooth or an entire tooth, a crown can act alone or alongside a dental implant to fulfill your dental needs.

Before and After Porcelain Crowns

denver dental crown beforeDenver Teeth Crowns

Ask Cherry Creek Dentistry about porcelain crowns and begin the process toward a natural-looking and natural-feeling bite!

 Porcelain Veneers

You’ll love your new smile with the high quality veneers we utilize from Mac Veneers. Click on the Mac logo to learn more about their exquisite products.

Denver Veneersdenver veneers after1


denver cosmetic dental veneers

Composite Tooth Fillings

Once upon a time, dental work was highly noticeable. Patients with significant fillings would cover their laughs, self-conscious of metal fillings covering their molars. Thanks to significant advances in cosmetic dentistry, your restorative dental work can be invisible. No one particularly wants to broadcast the fact that they’ve had tooth decay. Our dentists believe that your fillings should be imperceptible from your natural teeth, and that’s why at Cherry Creek Dentistry, we offer composite fillings.

Fillings:  We use composite, or white, filling for cosmetic bonding purposes. These resins are made of a very biocompatible and durable material and are a nice alternative to mercury fillings.

Should we find a cavity during a visit, we will fill it with a composite filling material. This material, a synthetic resin, works with your existing tooth structure to restore the natural structural integrity, while resting invisibly in your mouth. Composite fillings can be prepared in a wide range of tooth shades, so that your Denver dentist can fill your tooth without leaving those noticeable hunks of metal in your teeth. Tooth preparation for a composite filling is very minimal, so you retain as much of your healthy teeth as possible. The composite material is biocompatible and bonds securely with the tooth to lend it support.

Before and After Composite Fillings

Denver White Teeth FillingsDenver White Fillings











Both structurally and cosmetically superior, composite fillings are our preferred filling type, and our patients love them as well. Our Cosmetic Dentists use composite, or white, filling for cosmetic bonding purposes. These resins are made of a very biocompatible and durable material and are a nice alternative to mercury fillings.

Denver Composite Tooth FillingsDenver White Tooth Fillings

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