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Founded on the principle of delivering comprehensive treatment with the goal of preventing future dental problems, Cherry Creek Dentistry takes a multifaceted approach to your care. Dr. Olinga Hargreaves and Dr. John Hargreaves are a husband-and-wife team of dentists who build trust with each patient to develop a cohesive solution to cosmetic and functional dental complaints.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we view each patient as a partner in his or her diagnosis and treatment plan. We love to include other people who are involved in the decision, such as a spouse, a parent, or an adult child.

Join us in developing your individualized dental treatment plan. Please call Cherry Creek Dentistry at (303) 758-7676 today. Our dentists and staff serve patients throughout Metro Denver and nearby areas of Colorado.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Dental health and the appearance of your smile are not separate considerations. The look and function of your teeth, gums, and bite are intimately connected, which is why our dentists develop treatments that take into account all aspects of your unique situation.


Your optimal solution may involve procedures such as:

Dr. John Hargreaves and Dr. Olinga Hargreaves have completed extensive training and continuing education to offer this advanced range of comprehensive services. Our dentists are confident, highly-skilled, use the latest equipment, and embrace the challenge of developing unique solutions for patients with complex needs.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

As a key contributor to your optimal outcome, our dentists strive to involve you in every aspect of your treatment planning. We don’t simply meet with you once and then plan your care from there; we work closely with you to understand the problem you’re facing, then work out potential solutions as a team.

Consultations at Cherry Creek Dentistry are never “routine.” You may meet with one or both of our dentists, depending on the details of your case. This initial meeting typically lasts at least 1 hour and is usually dedicated to preliminary matters such as:

  • Getting to know you
  • Reviewing your medical and dental history
  • Discussing your dental complaints, and what you would like to do about them

Our dentists may perform diagnostic tasks such as an intraoral and extraoral exam, X-rays, and CT scan. Depending on your needs and goals, you may receive referrals to other doctors and dental specialists to provide additional diagnosis and treatment options.

As you can see, the initial consultation focuses on gathering facts and diagnostics. You will likely return to our office more than once to discuss treatment options.

Most patients aren’t receiving dental care in a vacuum. If one or more family members are involved in your decision to undergo a significant procedure, we want to meet them, too! After all, your loved ones may play a role in paying for the work, helping you with recovery, and more; for the best outcome, it pays to have the input of all stakeholders in your care.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we believe that there is never just one solution to a dental complaint. Ultimately, time, finances, and unique patient goals are just a few of the considerations we take into account when developing a treatment plan specifically for your individual case.

Please call Cherry Creek Dentistry at (303) 758-7676 today to get started on your path to comprehensive care and an aesthetically and functionally sound smile. Our dentists serve patients throughout Metro Denver and nearby areas of Colorado.

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