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Nobody goes to the dentist looking for “ugly dentistry.” So, while you have probably heard the term “cosmetic dentistry,” we consider it a given that your treatment will enhance the appearance of your smile.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we take cosmetic dental care a step further. Not only do we strive to obtain the best aesthetics with every outcome, but we emphasize health and functional improvements as part of your cosmetic treatment.

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Read about our dentistry services in the sections below:

With a dental bridge, teeth are used to support one or more artificial teeth that fill the gap in your smile. Bridges have been overshadowed in recent years by dental implants, to restore natural function and aesthetic. Our dentists can discuss your suitability for dental bridges and alternative restorations such as complete or partial dentures during your initial consultation.

Dental veneers are a versatile solution for a wide range of cosmetic issues. These include:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Crookedness
  • Gaps in between teeth
  • Disproportionate tooth length

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the teeth. The shape and color are customized to make the appearance and positioning of your smile consistent.

Some prior preparation is required before the porcelain veneers are secured to the teeth. Once the permanent veneers are bonded in place, they can enhance your smile for years to come.

However, Dr. Olinga Hargreaves and Dr. John Hargreaves often find that patients possess insufficient tooth structure to achieve cosmetic improvement with veneers alone, including in high-visibility areas like the smile line. As a result, our dentists consider all options for cosmetic solutions that maximize both aesthetics and restoration.

Fillings are probably the most famous – or infamous – dental treatment. The vast majority of patients will need at least one dental filling in their lifetime.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we don’t write off fillings as a “routine” treatment.The accurate placement of your filling can dramatically affect the health of nearby teeth, as well as how your teeth fit together. As a result, our dentists personally perform the filling procedure in its entirety, rather than handing it off to another staff member.

Furthermore, we use advanced materials that pair aesthetics with functional improvement. Tooth-colored fillings are made from a specialized composite resin that restores the tooth without the unsightly grays and blacks of the more traditional mercury filling. White fillings also allow us to be conservative in removing tooth structure than their mercury counterparts.

The first thing anyone notices about your smile is how white your teeth are. Unfortunately, day-to-day habits like drinking coffee or eating foods that stain your teeth can make your smile look dark and dingy.

Teeth whitening is a safe go-to solution for people who want to brighten their smile without extensive investments in time, money, or dental work. Although pharmacies and grocery stores offer a number of over-the-counter products for teeth whitening, patients will enjoy the safest and the most dramatic improvements through professional whitening solutions.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we offer the following teeth whitening treatments:

  • In-office Zoom! whitening
  • Take-home whitening gel
  • Whitening pens

During a Zoom! in-office teeth whitening session, you will sit comfortably in the dentist chair while a professional-strength bleaching solution is applied to your teeth. In-office whitening is stronger than what you can find in over-the-counter products, and our dentists will carefully position the trays so as not to irritate your gums.

In-office treatment with Zoom! takes approximately two hours, and results in noticeably whiter teeth.

Take-home trays offer professional-strength whitening but with the added convenience of treatment in your own home. During your first visit, we will take molds of your teeth to make you custom trays. Then, you will receive instructions on how to apply the whitening gel at home without irritating soft tissue in your mouth or causing tooth sensitivity.

Take-home teeth whitening is a more gradual process than in-office treatment, but professional bleaching generally results in superior outcomes than what you can buy at the store.

Another at-home option our dentists may recommend is the whitening pen. Our team will walk you through the process of gently tracing the whitening pen over stained areas of your teeth to restore a lighter shade. Whitening pens are also available in stores, but professional solutions tend to achieve more noticeable, longer-lasting results.

Sometimes issues with teeth aren’t the only reason your smile doesn’t look its best. The gums play an extensive role in the balanced look of your smile. If you have too much gum tissue visible (known as a gummy smile), your teeth may appear too small.

With a laser gum lift, our dentists use a soft tissue laser to remove excess gum tissue. The gum line will be symmetrical and expose more of the teeth, resulting in a fuller, more balanced smile.

Our dentists also use the Biolase diode laser to treat gum disease and canker sores. Whether laser gum treatment is an aesthetic solution or used to improve your dental hygiene, our advanced technology provides precise periodontal care with limited need for anesthetic or downtime.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, comprehensive care is our mission. As a result, many cosmetic treatment plans involve more than one service or procedure. Smile makeovers comprise several different cosmetic solutions to address multiple issues affecting your teeth and gums.

Ultimately, the exact treatments and sequence of your smile makeover will depend on your specific concerns and what you would like to accomplish. The dental makeover plan may involve some combination of the following:

Cherry Creek Dentistry is also a destination in the Denver area for facial aesthetic treatments. Dr. Olinga Hargreaves personally provides non-surgical cosmetic treatments including:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal filler injections
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser acne treatment
  • Medical-grade skin care products

These skin and anti-aging solutions are the perfect complement to cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to make you look more youthful and vibrant.

In some cases, your optimal smile requires functional improvements as well as cosmetic upgrades. In these cases, full mouth reconstruction may be necessary to enhance the beauty of your smile while addressing underlying oral health and functionality issues.

Find out why patients choose Cherry Creek Dentistry, and when you’re ready to start with your unique treatment needs, please contact us to schedule your comprehensive initial consultation.

Why Choose Cherry Creek Dentistry

Ultimately, dentistry isn’t just about fixing the teeth. Your dental needs may impact much more than your smile. Take, for example, the front teeth.

Discoloration or damage to the front teeth is no doubt distressing because the aesthetic impact is undeniable. However, the front teeth are also involved in chewing, speaking, and give support to upper lip. As a result, we take into account the functional and aesthetic components of treating patients who want to make cosmetic improvements to their front teeth.

Cherry Creek Dentistry treats all procedures as inherently cosmetic. Our dentists have completed a significant amount of training on the “golden proportion,” a formula in dentistry that strives to harmonize the teeth with features of the face.

To achieve the “golden proportion” in our cosmetic treatment plans, we partner with a world-class dental lab to develop high-quality restorations according to exacting specifications. We also have a long-standing reputation for excellent results, balancing art and science to create custom, comprehensive treatment solutions.

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For over 20 years, Dr. John Hargreaves and Dr. Olinga Hargreaves have been providing advanced dental care devoted to individualized treatment for each patient. Finding your optimal comprehensive solutions begins at a thorough consultation appointment with one or both dentists at Cherry Creek Dentistry.

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