Full Mouth Restoration & Oral Surgery

As we get older, it can become harder and harder to keep teeth strong and healthy. For previous generations, tooth loss was practically inevitable. Thankfully, dental science has grown significantly in recent years to include a vast range of treatments that can help you restore and replace teeth without sacrificing the aesthetics of your smile.

When considering full mouth rehabilitation, it is important to choose a dentist who has the experience and vision to look at your case comprehensively. For over 20 years, Cherry Creek Dentistry has been providing advanced care for patients with complex dental needs.

To learn how our dentists can help you improve the health, function, and appearance of your teeth, please give us a call at (303) 758-7676 today. Dr. John Hargreaves and Dr. Olinga Hargreaves welcome patients throughout the Metro Denver area, as well as visitors throughout Colorado.

Learn more about oral surgery and full mouth restoration in the following sections:

Cosmetic and restoration dentistry generally addresses just individual issues, such as chips or cracks in the teeth, stained teeth, or a cavity. Some patients opt for a smile makeover that addresses multiple issues using several treatments performed in sequence. The next step up from this process is full mouth reconstruction (or full mouth rehabilitation, full-mouth restoration, etc.).

Like with a smile makeover, a reconstructive plan may include several procedures designed to address a variety of concerns. However, during full-mouth restoration our dentists make a plan to address both functional and aesthetic issues.

As a result, full mouth rehabilitation may address:

  • Cracked and broken teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Failing teeth, including teeth weakened by dated restorations
  • Worn teeth
  • Bite alignment problems
  • Gum disease
  • Aging and volume loss of the face

Concerns like these generally require more extensive care options to address. And, although they can be addressed on an individual basis, the advantage of full mouth restoration is that our dentists can comprehensively address a multitude of issues in an order that improves the overall health and function of the entire mouth.

No two complex reconstructions are exactly alike. The nature and extent of damage to the teeth, the presence of co-occurring oral health conditions, and more can all affect both the amount and type of work required in your case.

Some of the treatment options our dentists may present include:

  • Dental implants
  • Aligning the bite using Invisalign®
  • Reducing teeth grinding or clenching with a custom orthotic and/or targeted BOTOX® injections
  • Placement or replacement of dental crowns and bridges
  • Replacing metal mercury fillings with tooth-colored fillings
  • Custom dentures

Some full mouth reconstructions require the assistance of other doctors and specialists. A few examples of possible referrals include:

  • Referral to a root canal specialist (endodontist) to address infection of the dental pulp
  • Referral to an Internal Medicine Doctor to evaluate underlying medical conditions like cardiovascular disease
  • Referral to an ENT for treatment of sinus, tonsil, and adenoid issues affecting the oral complex
  • Referral to an oncologist for cases of oral cancer

Cherry Creek Dentistry maintains exceptional relationships with specialty dental offices and medical doctors throughout the Denver Metro area. However, at the same time, our practice is proud to offer the ability to perform an extensive range of complex dental procedures in-house!

Dr. John Hargreaves and Dr. Olinga Hargreaves have extensive training and actively pursue continuing education that enables them to learn the latest surgical techniques and provide in-office services.

Our dentists perform oral surgery procedures including:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift
  • Gum grafting
  • Biopsy
  • Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF)

As you may notice, many of these procedures are associated with dental implants. This is not an accident. At Cherry Creek Dentistry, dental implants are a major part of our practice: both Dr. John Hargreaves and Dr. Olinga Hargreaves are certified as implantologists by the American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry (DABOI) and fellows of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (FAAID).

However, as part of our commitment to exceptional comprehensive care, we also provide additional surgery services to patients for general dental health concerns.

Tooth Extraction

The most optimal choice affecting the health of one or more teeth is to save and restore the tooth. However, extractions may be necessary if the tooth is too badly decayed or lacks structure due to old and failing restorations.

Our dentists perform both routine and complicated extractions while minimizing the impact on nearby teeth and other structures. Every surgery is closely followed for healing and may be replaced with a dental implant if necessary.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we also have the capability and experience to perform complicated extractions, such as those involving wisdom teeth. The roots of wisdom teeth are often deeply embedded in the jaw, requiring skillful technique and sophisticated imaging to remove without negatively impacting oral health and function.

Bone Graft

Patients who lose teeth are at risk of bone resorption in the jaw. Loss of bone density can have a variety of negative effects, including:

  • Oral health issues of nearby teeth and gums
  • Sagging of the face
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Dental implants are the ideal treatment option for missing teeth because they replace the entire tooth structure above and below the gum line. However, when a tooth is extracted whether recently or a long time ago, you may not have enough bone present to support implants.

If this is the case, our dentists may perform a bone graft to provide the necessary support. During the procedure, the area of deficiency is grafted with new bone to build up the necessary support for the new implant. It will take several months for the graft material to to heal and be ready for implant placement.

Sinus Lift

Similar to bone grafting, a sinus lift may be necessary for the placement of dental implants in the upper jaw. Specifically, it is most effective for implant placement in the premolar and molar areas of the mouth.

Sinus augmentation may be necessary due to bone resorption following tooth loss, or because your sinus cavity encroaches on the upper jaw. X-rays and CT imaging will be necessary so our dentists can get an inside look at your upper jaw and sinuses. This will enable us to perform the lift procedure while maintaining the integrity of surrounding structures.

Gum Surgery

Our dentists and hygiene team frequently use the soft tissue Biolase diode laser to perform laser treatments for gum disease. Although laser therapy is an effective solution for varying degrees of periodontal disease, severe cases may require more extensive intervention.

Surgical intervention for gum disease generally involves the surgically reshaping or removing the infected tissue and underlying tarter or infection to remove tartar buildup and smooth underlying surfaces, then suture the gums to close the flap. A soft tissue graft may be performed to replace missing or receding gum tissue.

Other reasons for a gum graft include treating receding gums that expose the tooth root, or to augment the periodontal tissue around dental implant sites.


Prevention and regular visits to the dentists are your first line of defense against serious oral health issues, including oral cancer. Our dentists perform thorough exams and employ advanced technology like the intraoral camera to access all areas of your mouth.

If our dentists find something suspicious, we can biopsy the concerning tissue. We will send the excised tissue to a pathologist for examination to determine if the cells are cancerous.

Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (L-PRF)

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma being used for everything from orthopedics to facial aesthetics. The process and benefits of Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin are similar.

Our dentists draw a small sample of blood and process it in a centrifuge to separate the components. A mixture of plasma, white blood cells, and fibrin (which assists with clotting) can then be applied during oral surgery to facilitate the healing process

L-PRF therapy may be beneficial for healing in conjunction with other procedures procedures such as:

  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift
  • Gum surgery

L-PRF is an advanced procedure that may help you achieve faster and better healing as part of the dental implant process or any oral surgery.

Why Choose Cherry Creek Dentistry

Dr. John Hargreaves and Dr. Olinga Hargreaves have completed continuing education and advanced training well beyond what is required for maintaining a dental license. This is because our dentists believe that comprehensive care makes it possible for patients to achieve life-changing results.

If you have suffered from years of tooth pain and other symptoms, a comprehensive treatment plan may be the solution.

In choosing a dentist to perform such a holistic treatment, skill and experience are crucial. In addition, choosing a practice where the dentists can perform an extensive range of the procedures in-house instead of referring you out may be best for your convenience, budget, and confidence.

Cherry Creek Dentistry is committed to treating complex cases and preventing future problems. both Drs. John and Olinga Hargreaves invest in proven technology and optimal materials to provide patients with a comfortable experience and superb care. We also have a state-of-the-art surgical suite that enables us to perform dental implants and oral surgery safely and comfortably.

Schedule Your Oral Surgery Consultation

Full mouth rehabilitation and associated surgical procedures are a long-term process. Our dentists and staff see to your comfort and work with you closely every step of the way to customize your treatment plan for your needs and goals – no matter how complex.

Please call (303) 758-7676 today to schedule your initial consultation at Cherry Creek Dentistry. Our dentists serve patients throughout the Denver Metro area, as well as all of Colorado.

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