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In addition to or in advance of your dental care, you may require oral surgery. Surgical procedures can be necessary to prepare your jaws for dental implants, remove an unwanted tooth, resolve existing cosmetic concerns, improve periodontal health, or help you in other ways. Thanks to our dentists’ ranges of expertise, we can offer you the full extent of oral surgery in our office. This is just one of the ways we make our patients more comfortable and strengthen our community. If you’re facing oral surgery, you won’t need to get acquainted with a new doctor or a new office beforehand.

Denver Oral Surgery Procedures

Extraction: Our highly trained team performs routine as well as complicated dental extractions, including wisdom teeth extractions.

Bone Grafting:  Due to the fact that bone resorbs following extraction, we will enhance the empty socket with bone, in preparation for dental implants. Bone grafting can also prevent periodontal pocket formation around adjacent teeth following an extraction.

Sinus Lift:  This surgical procedure adds bone to your upper jaw in the missing tooth area of molars and premolars. This augmentation is done if there is not enough bone in the upper jaw for dental implants to be placed.

Gum Surgery:  We perform many types of tissue surgeries including grafting tissue to an area of exposed tooth root, surgically removing diseased gums, reducing excessive gums around teeth, adding attached gums to implants and teeth, as well as, recontouring tissue for esthetics.

Before Gum Graft                                     After Gum Graft

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Biopsies:  We perform tissue biopsies of suspicious areas for our pathologist to identify under a microscope.

L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin):  We draw your blood, process it, and extract the layer that is concentrated with your platelets and enhance the area of surgery for enhanced healing and significantly less recovery time.

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