When we think about our teeth, the biggest problems we usually worry about are cavities. The sad truth is that there much more significant dental concerns at hand. Though cavities are the beginning of most dental problems, they can’t compete with the seriousness of advanced periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is advanced gum disease, and can lead to gum recession and tooth loss. It can make eating, oral hygiene, and other daily moments very uncomfortable. Fortunately, periodontal treatments are available from your Denver cosmetic dentist. Patients of Cherry Creek Dentistry needn’t seek out a periodontist; they can receive comprehensive periodontitis treatments from the staff with which they are already comfortable. If your teeth have been weakened or compromised by decay, plaque buildup, or inflamed gums, periodontal treatments will return them to a state of strength – teeth so healthy you’ll be able to take a big bite of an apple again.

Periodontal Disease Treatments from our Denver Cosmetic Dentist

Deep teeth cleaning – This cleaning is different from that accompanying a typical dental exam in that it targets areas below the gums. During the beginnings of periodontal disease, plaque accumulates between teeth and gums, creating bacterial pockets. By eliminating bacteria from these pockets, a deep cleaning may reverse the onset of periodontal disease before it becomes more advanced. A deep cleaning involves:

– Scaling – Similar to the plaque removal performed during a regular dental appointment, scaling involves the eradication of plaque from tooth surface. Scaling in the face of periodontitis may be more involved.

– Root planing – This process removes plaque and tartar from areas below the gum line, attacking bacterial pockets. Our Denver cosmetic dentist will administer local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort during planing. Cherry Creek Dentistry also offers ultrasound technology and an antibacterial rinse, to break up and kill bacteria in deep pockets.

– Antibiotics – By placing tiny antibiotic gel packets in deep pockets (between teeth and gums), your Denver cosmetic dentist ensures harmful bacteria have been destroyed and protects the areas from further infection.

Should you visit Cherry Creek Dentistry already in the throes of periodontal disease, we offer oral surgery to return bone, gums, and affected teeth to a healthy and attractive state. If you have been concerned about the onset of periodontal disease, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our Denver cosmetic dentist. Restored oral health will feel – and look – so good.

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