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Life is filled with enough obstacles trying to keep us from operating at our full potential – facial wrinkles don’t need to be one of them. Although they seem superficial (pun intended), facial lines can change the way you feel about yourself and the way you negotiate with the world. They make you feel like less than yourself. But wrinkles don’t need to be something that you just put up with – they can be taken care of with simple procedures. Botox treatment requires no more than one hour, and it will change your skin (and your life) for months to come.

Botox in Denver: Fact and Fiction

With a treatment as popular and historically controversial as Botox, rumors about its capabilities and its results have swirled for years. As Botox became more widely accepted and used, those rumors began to fade, but haven’t completely died down. We’re here to answer a few questions about the reality of Botox treatment and set the record straight. If wrinkles have plagued you, it’s time to take the not-really-all-that-scary Botox plunge.

  • Will Botox freeze my face? Botox will only affect target muscles – ones your dentist determines ahead of time. With proper treatment, Botox will have only a minimal affect on your facial expressions. Rather than restricting facial movement, Botox will simply keep your brows from furrowing deeply and forming visible lines.
  • Will Botox hurt? Botox is administered in injections, and you will feel a slight pinch from the needle. Other than that, there will be only slight soreness in the few days after treatment.
  • Will Botox change my face forever? Botox injections will last for several months, but no time past that. If you decide you are not happy with the results, your face will return to the way it was.
  • Is Botox poisonous? The medicine in Botox is a purified protein called “botulinum toxin.” The toxin part of the name throws some people off. While it is not inherently “poisonous,” Botox does halt muscle contractions, which is why it works as a wrinkle relaxer. A skilled dentist will never inject Botox incorrectly and cause you harm.

Denver | Deciding on Botox

Once you’re ready to make a change and regain control of your skin, just get in touch with our office. We will guide you through every step of the process.

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