Why Might I Need A Fluoride Treatment

Denver fluoride treatmentIf you’ve visited our office and had cavities several exams in a row, we may recommend something extra. A fluoride treatment can strengthen your enamel and help prevent repeated instances of decay. But many patients are unsure exactly what fluoride treatment is like, why it’s necessary, and what the ongoing repercussions of fluoride can be. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about fluoride treatment to get you comfortable with the process and help you decide what you would like to do for your teeth.

Fluoride Treatment FAQ

Why do I need extra fluoride?

Your enamel is made up of minerals. As acid and erosion wears away your enamel, this layer loses some of its minerals and thins. Fluoride remineralizes enamel, rebuilding the outer layer of your teeth. Hardy enamel will protect your teeth from decay and infection.

Fluoride is already in the tap water I drink. Won’t a fluoride treatment expose me to too much fluoride?

The amount of fluoride in tap water is minimal, and will not harm you when combined with a fluoride treatment. These treatments target your teeth, and you will not ingest the fluoride. Patients who have “too much” fluoride and experience fluorosis are those that take fluoride supplements in pill form.

Is too much fluoride dangerous?

The effect that over ingestion of fluoride has on the body is minimal. The only way excess fluoride can harm the body is by causing fluorosis, discoloration of the enamel with white spots. This can only happen when you ingest too much fluoride as a child, during tooth development. Countless studies have shown that there is no way to be poisoned or to have your systemic health harmed by standard amounts of excess fluoride, found in dental products and tap water.

What happens during fluoride treatment?

We will place trays filled with a flavored fluoride foam over your teeth, and you will wear them for several minutes.

What will my teeth be like after treatment?

The fluoride will strengthen your enamel and help prevent cavities; there will be no other change to your teeth.

Effects of Fluoride on Your Teeth and Your Body

Fluoride helps to strengthen your enamel and prevent you needing restorative dental treatment. To learn more about fluoride and its proven effects, contact our office.

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