Your Denver dentists have enjoyed spreading dental education and know-how via our practice blog. Today we’ll pinpoint the highlights of the year’s posts, ones that we think are the most successful and best discuss what sets Cherry Creek Dentistry apart. Though our new blog has only been around for a few months now, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with the dental community in this new way. Check out your Denver dentist’s favorite posts of 2012 below, and stay with us into coming year for more dental wisdom and tips!

  • Denver Sedation Dentists Relieve Dental Anxiety
    Every year, thousands of people endure tooth pain and avoid seeing their dentist because they experience dental anxiety: an intense fear of dental treatment. Your Denver dentist at Cherry Creek Dentistry eliminates that fear by making painless dental treatment a reality. With IV sedation, you will breeze through your dental treatment without any discomfort. Solutions for dental anxiety are important to your dentists, and they will always prioritize your comfort.
  • Denver Dentist Helps Patients Reduce Gum Swelling
    Gum swelling may not seem like a glamorous or important oral concern, but it is actually the sign of potentially significant dental problems. Reducing and treating gum swelling is of special interest to Drs. John and Olinga Hargreaves, as they offer oral surgery and periodontal procedures to help with infected or swollen gums. This blog post on gum swelling was even republished on WikiHow!
  • Denver Dentists on Dental Solutions for Sleep Disorders
    When we’re not sleeping well, we’re not living our lives as effectively as possible. What many insomniacs and sleep-strugglers don’t realize is that teeth clenching and teeth grinding can significantly affect your sleep. Simple dental solutions for sleep disorders, especially occlusal guards, will take only a single appointment to custom-make and will change your life.
  • Your Denver Dentists Engage In Dental Patient Education
    Preventive dentistry, or dental practices taken to prevent dental problems like decay, is the most effective and inexpensive way to protect and preserves your teeth. In this blog post, your Denver dentist offers comprehensive patient education so that you have all the tools you need to care for your teeth on your own. Brushing and flossing effectively is the most important step you can take to keep your smile healthy – this blog post will provide quick tips for doing so consistently!
  • Denver Dentists Utilize Dental Lasers for Patient Comfort
    Many dental patients are not aware of the key differences between traditional dental drills and dental lasers. Dental lasers completely revolutionize dental treatment by eliminating the heat, friction and pain associated with dental drills. Your Denver dentists urge you to experience the dental laser difference for yourself.
  • Denver Dentist Reminds: Be Aware of Your Teeth!
    You may find it overkill to include a few posts on responding quickly to dental pain, but we can’t stress how important it is to be aware of what’s going on in your mouth. Immediate action will ensure that your potential cavities be resolved as quickly as possible, before any further oral damage is incurred.

Now that you’ve caught up with what Cherry Creek Dentistry has been up to in 2012, get back to your new year! Happy 2013, everyone!

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