The holidays are over, and this week we’re finally settling back into our usual routines. This is the key week when we break out our New Year’s resolutions and see if we can uphold our newly resolved, healthy regimens. Where does your oral hygiene come in? You’ll be surprised to learn that there are dental benefits to most of the typical New Year’s resolutions Americans make. As so many resolutions deal with some kind of bodily self-improvement, those resolutions indirectly affect your teeth. Your Denver dentist reminds: the mouth-body connection is stronger than you’d think. Check out our list of standard New Year’s resolutions and they ways they can tie in to cleaner, healthier teeth.

Popular Resolutions and their Healthy Dental Effects:

–       I Will Lose Weight – One of the most common ways of losing weight is a nutritionally superior diet. This means less sugar, and less fat. Consuming less sugar and cutting out snacks like soda and candy reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth, and ultimately prevents tooth decay.

–       I Will Eat Healthier – Healthy snacks like nuts, vegetables, and yogurt are good for your body and for your teeth. They cut down on oral bacteria and support regular acid levels in your mouth.

–       I Will Quit Smoking – We all understand how smoking wreaks havoc with our lungs, but many forget that it can also lead to oral cancer. On a less serious level, smoking stains teeth and causes bad breath.

–       I Will Drink Less – The sugar content in beer and many alcoholic beverages leads to high bacteria levels in the mouth, and wine stains enamel and washes teeth with harmful acid.

–       I Will Save Money – Brushing and flossing regularly costs you just a few toothbrushes, floss containers, and tubes of toothpaste. Brushing and flossing regularly will keep your teeth healthy and save you the cost of potential significant dental work.

Your Denver dentist at Cherry Creek Dentistry hopes this list inspired you to keep at your resolutions! Your body and your teeth will thank you.

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