Denver Dentist Enhances Dental Comfort

To some patients, “sedation dentistry” sounds a little frightening, and evokes images of dentistry in which you are overly sedated and groggy throughout the procedure. In reality, sedation dentistry simply prefers to a focus on patient comfort and the correct levels of anesthesia for your needs. With proper anesthesia from your Denver dentist, all dental anxiety and pain will be eliminated from your dental appointment. You will not only feel a lack of apprehension, but an overall boost in relaxation. You won’t even feel that you’re in the dreaded dental chair, but rather that you’re taking a peaceful hour of time out of your day to lay back and relax. Sedation dentistry from your Denver dentist will transform your dental care and dental comfort.

Sedation dentistry at Cherry Creek Dentistry consists of several options for those fearing dental work. The choice for those with greater dental anxiety is known as IV “sleep” sedation. We place quotes around “sleep” because this is very different from general anesthesia; you will not be unconscious, and will be able to respond to your dentist during the procedure. This anesthesia simply places you in a calmer state. It is not a painkiller, but an anti-anxiety drug. Your dentist will likely still use local anesthesia during your appointment, but you won’t feel the shots of anesthetic. In fact, IV sedation will likely prevent you from remembering the majority of your dental appointment. You won’t be saddled with stress after a painful appointment – your dental comfort will be the only thing on your mind. Sedation dentistry has changed the lives of patients with severe dental anxiety, allowing them to undergo procedures they formerly avoided.

Your Denver dentist also offers standard local anesthesia, for patients without anxiety. We all deserve pain relief during our dental treatments: this is a truth of modern dentistry. Paired with a topical anesthetic (numbing gel), even the anesthetic shots will be painless.

Sedation dentistry allows for the kind of dental comfort many patients never thought possible. If you are anxious about receiving dental work and have put off treatment, schedule a consultation with your Denver dentist to discuss the possibilities of sedation dentistry. You may find your teeth repaired and yourself free of pain in no time.

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