Denver Dentist / Denver Oral Surgeon Simplifies Extractions

When we need to have a tooth pulled, a common response is fear and concern. It’s always scary to lose a piece of yourself, even something as small as a tooth. Your Denver dentist is well aware of extraction anxiety, and strives to treat patients in a way that relaxes and prepares them for their extractions. Are you facing an extraction? Read on to learn about what extractions accomplish, the extraction procedure, and extractions at Cherry Creek Dentistry.

Why You May Need An Extraction

Dentists are never quick to pull teeth: an extraction is typically the only option left for a highly decayed or otherwise problematic tooth. Teeth that have lost too much of their structure due to decay will need to be extracted. Impacted teeth (those that will not erupt, or come in, at the correct angle) are often useless, as they will not work with the rest of your bite. Wisdom teeth specifically are often extracted because they are difficult to clean and thus prone to decay, potentially impacted, and generally unhelpful. Wisdom teeth removal has become routine for most dental patients. Finally, if you are about to begin orthodontic treatment and there is not enough space in your mouth for teeth to move, an extraction will create that space.

Extraction Procedure

The extraction procedure is relatively simple. Your Denver dentist will make administer appropriate anesthesia, then make an incision in your gum to access the tooth. After slowly wiggling the tooth to work it loose, your Denver dentist will suture the cut and you will be finished!

Extractions at Cherry Creek Dentistry

Our Denver dentist is proud to offer both routine and complex extractions in addition to dental services. This eliminates the need for you to see a new doctor and keeps you in your comfort zone. You’re already anxious about your upcoming surgical procedure – why add to that by throwing a new oral surgeon into the mix?

Additionally, extractions don’t need to be anxiety-producing: with the range of dental anesthesia available at Cherry Creek Dentistry, you can experience the procedure just as you please.

If you may need an extraction. learn more about our Denver oral surgery and Denver extraction services by scheduling a consultation with a Denver dentist. We look forward to hearing from you!

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