Denver Cosmetic Dentist on the How and Why of Dental Implants

Though the term “implant” always sounds a touch intimidating, in this case it refers to a treatment that could change your mouth and life. Implants aren’t always cosmetic – sometimes they replace a missing structure, rather than enhancing features we already possess. Our Denver cosmetic dentist hopes to instill a sense of calm in patients considering dental implants. Dental implants take on the huge task of root restoration and thrive, recreating a smile you may have thought lost forever.

The implant dentists at Cherry Creek Dentistry are the only Denver cosmetic dentists with the credentials to both place and restore dental implants. Drs. Hargreaves are capable of taking on even complicated dental implant cases to return your mouth to its former glory!

That all sounds wonderful, but- just what are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that replace missing tooth roots. Once implanted, the screw will fuse with osseous tissue (bone) and become a true part of your jaw structure. This permanence makes dental implants an ideal solution for missing tooth roots, as they differ from natural tooth roots only in that they didn’t grow in your mouth. This is our Denver cosmetic dentist’s favorite type of restorative dental structure, as it does not feel foreign and integrates fully with your natural tissues.

Your Denver cosmetic dentist utilizes dental implants to accomplish myriad tasks, often pairing implants with crowns, dentures, partials or bridges to recreate both parts of a tooth structure (crown and root). In many missing teeth cases, implants aren’t just elective but necessary. When a tooth root is missing, the surrounding tissues begin to disintegrate. Gaps in the mouth are prone to disease and further damage. Replacing a missing tooth root will preserve your facial structure and your jaw bone.

As dental implants become a part of your mouth, they act as the most secure replacement tooth foundations possible. When paired with restorative dental work like dentures, implants adhere those structures tightly to your gums – that means no slipping or clicking. People frustrated with years of ill-fitting dentures find respite in dentures paired with dental implants.

Your Denver cosmetic dentist hopes you’ll consider just how dental implants could restore your mouth and return you to comfort. Schedule an appointment to discuss implants with our implant dentists and better understand the dental implant process. Beautiful and functional new teeth aren’t far away.

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