When you’re missing a significant amount of a tooth, you just don’t feel good. Cosmetic concerns and oral discomfort combine to make that damaged tooth a constant source of stress. Some patients fear tooth repairs will result in bulky dental work that is easily noticed as well as unnatural feeling. This is not the truth: cosmetic dentistry allows for subtle, aesthetically superior dental repairs. With the aid of porcelain crowns, you won’t feel frustrated by missing tooth structures any longer. Our Denver cosmetic dentist recommends porcelain crowns to many patients hoping to rebuild their front teeth.

A porcelain crown is a dental cap that your Denver cosmetic dentist fits securely over an existing tooth. With the natural tooth acting as a foundation, the crown reconstructs the remainder of the tooth to facilitate chewing and speaking, and perfect a smile. Those missing entire teeth can receive a dental implant to provide a root structure, which will allow a crown to be placed. This implant plus crown combination restores the whole tooth in a natural-feeling and natural-looking way.

Worried about spending hours in the dental chair? The crown procedure is not complicated. Typically requiring two appointments, dental crowns may be placed after two steps. The first is tooth reduction, to allow room for the crowns to fit over teeth. The second is a crown fabrication, which takes place in a dental lab. In the interim, our Denver cosmetic dentist will fit you with temporary crowns so that your smile is normal. Once your dentist has bonded the new crowns to your teeth, they will be indistinguishable from the rest of your smile. Your damaged teeth will be rebuilt and protected, and your front teeth will be revitalized.

Ready to put your damaged teeth behind you? Set up a complimentary consultation to discuss porcelain crowns with our Cherry Creek Dentistry staff.

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