Our Denver cosmetic dentist is aware that cosmetic dentistry is the glamorous, thrilling side of the dental world. Although cosmetic dentistry is exciting because it allows patients to perfect their smiles, a perfect smile is nothing without a healthy foundation. That healthy mouth begins with regular teeth cleanings! Have you seen your dentist for a cleaning in the last six months? To motivate you to schedule that important appointment, read on to discover the benefits of cleanings, ways to prepare, and what to ask your dentist to ensure your oral hygiene is on the right track.

I brush and floss my teeth regularly. Do I still need a cleaning?

Absolutely! Although you brush and floss regularly, you may be falling prey to one of these bad brushing habits and cleaning ineffectively. And even if your brushing and flossing are excellent, they only target plaque buildup on accessible areas of your teeth. There are many other factors that can contribute to dental problems, that only professional dental care will identify and eradicate. Most importantly, a dental exam will screen for oral cancer – something you just can’t do at home.

I haven’t been brushing and flossing regularly, and I’m scared to go in for a teeth cleaning!

Don’t be afraid – our Denver cosmetic dentists will ensure your comfort. Should you have cavities and need fillings, we will communicate every step with you ahead of time. If you have significant tartar buildup or the beginnings of periodontal disease, our dentists are well equipped to restore health to your teeth and gums. Cherry Creek Dentistry is capable of handling any level of tooth decay.

How can I prepare for my cleaning and exam?

Though many patients believe that brushing and flossing obsessively right before an exam will hide evidence of neglect, it will only irritate your gums. Simply brush and floss consistently between your exams! Also consider your oral hygiene regimen and be prepared to discuss products and habits with your dentist.

What can I expect from a teeth cleaning?

Your Denver dentist and hygienist will inspect your mouth and may take x-rays. Then your dentist will gently scrape any accumulated plaque from your teeth. After a quick oral cancer screening and a potential fluoride treatment, your dentist will discuss the state of your teeth. Listen carefully and incorporate your dentist’s advice with your oral hygiene so that your next exam finds you cavity-free.

The first priority of Cherry Creek Dentistry is healthy and whole teeth – they make the most beautiful smile! Schedule your next cleaning today.

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