Modern Dentures from our Denver Dentist

dentures Denver dentistAs we age, our teeth fall prey to a variety of ailments and forces. Time and natural wear lead to eventual tooth loss. But while aging is inevitable, the next appropriate step can be unclear. What should we do after losing a number of teeth? Tooth restoration has become available for most dental patients, and dental restorations have soared in quality and variety over the last few decades. Our Denver dentist offers premium dentures and partials to restore entire sets of missing teeth. With modern dentures, you need not spend further time feeling the discomfort of missing teeth or an incomplete smile.

How do modern dentures from my Denver dentist differ from dentures of the past?

One of the biggest changes defining modern dentistry is the dentist’s ability to offer extremely subtle, natural-looking dental work. Modern dentures will not look like a false set of teeth. They can be fabricated in any shape or shade (with countless color options for both teeth and gums) to match your coloring and remaining natural teeth. The specific fitting and fabrication methods ensure that your dentures will fit snugly against your gums, and will not click or slip. Modern dentures from our Denver dentist are appropriate for speaking, chewing, and performing all your daily tasks.

What denture options are available from my Denver dentist?

Our Denver dentist offers Geneva dental restorations. Geneva labs create both full and partial dentures to accommodate your restorative needs. Geneva dental appliances are Swiss-made, contain porcelain teeth, and are durable yet beautiful. Our dental staff will take impressions of both individual teeth and your upper and lower jaws to create a model from which perfect-fitting dentures may be made. Resistant to wear and discoloration, the porcelain teeth are hand-finished individually for a superbly natural look. Dentures from our Denver dentist will neither feel nor look significantly different from natural teeth.

Have you been suffering missing teeth for months or years of your life? Experience a new era of dental comfort with modern dentures. Contact our Denver dentist to begin a discussion.

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