Denver Dentist on Your Oral Surgery

Denver dentist oral surgeryDo you have an upcoming oral surgery? Or is there a chance that an extraction or other treatment is something you could potentially need in the future? Oral surgery is something that can make dental patients anxious. This week’s blog post from our Denver dentist will focus on the positives of oral surgery, ways to mentally prepare for your oral surgery, and the specifics of oral surgery at our Denver dental practice. Oral surgery doesn’t need to be fear-inducing.

Denver Dentist on Benefits of Oral Surgery

Although oral surgery can sound alarming, it actually saves your teeth and improves oral health. You may ask: “How is it that an extraction – losing a tooth – saves my teeth? That doesn’t make sense!” In reality, extractions remove tooth structures that have become so damaged or infected that they will compromise the health of neighboring hard and soft tissues. Oral surgery may be uncomfortable in the moment, but it will lead to increased comfort throughout your dental future.

Preparing for your Oral Surgery with our Denver Dentist

There are a few ways to mentally prepare for your oral surgery. Undertaking a few of these tasks will leave you much more comfortable on the day of surgery:

  • Learn about the procedure. Whether via internet research, a book, or information from our Denver dentist, it’s important that you do some basic self-education on your oral surgery. Understanding what happens while you’re in the dental chair will prepare you for the specifics during the procedure. Try searching for your procedure on Colgate’s patient information pages, or on the ADA’s patient site.
  • Talk to your Denver dentist. If you have any questions or concerns, go to the source of your treatment for the most detailed answers.
  • Focus on the benefits of the procedure. This will help you feel excitement – rather than dread – for your treatment.

Oral Surgery with our Denver Dentist at Cherry Creek Dentistry

Our Denver dentist wants you to be as comfortable as possible during treatment. To this end, we offer IV “sleep” sedation. This form of dental anesthesia makes your treatment fly by. You will be in a state of total relaxation, yet conscious and able to respond to your dentist. Sleep sedation is a key aid for patients suffering from dental anxiety, and could be right for you.

Ready for your oral surgery? Contact our Denver dentist if you have any further questions.

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