5 Healthy Tips For Healthy Teeth from Denver Cosmetic Dentist

healthy teeth Denver cosmetic dentistOur Denver cosmetic dentist knows that strong teeth make for a beautiful smile. It’s key that you keep your teeth in mind each day to engage in beneficial dental practices. If you do a few simple things on a regular basis, healthier teeth don’t need to come at the cost of extra effort or time spent at your dentist’s office. Adopt the practices listed below to keep your teeth whole, cavity-free, and gorgeous.

Denver Cosmetic Dentist on 5 Practices For Healthier Teeth

  1. Pay attention to your daily diet. The habit of considering what you eat will pay off with both healthier teeth and a slimmer figure. Consider the sugar content of your foods and beverages. Cut down on these sugary snacks or brush right afterwards to ward off damaging bacteria. Acidity is another threat to tooth enamel – skip a few sodas to keep from washing your teeth with weakening acid. Dark beverages can also stain your enamel. Munch on raw vegetables, cheese, or nuts next time you get a craving; these snacks are healthy for your teeth.
  2. Brush and floss twice a day. We know this is basic, but it’s something that many patients neglect to do. Only brushing and flossing removes bacteria from teeth before it can begin to erode your enamel. Consistent brushing and flossing (ideally done after meals, to remove bacteria s quickly as possible) will keep you from getting cavities.
  3. Don’t use your teeth as tools. There’s a reason you have so many pairs of scissors in the house. Next time you need to open something, grab the appropriate tool instead of biting packaging. Engaging your teeth with hard surfaces can lead to broken teeth or dental work. Avoid the embarrassment of having to tell your Denver cosmetic dentist you chipped your tooth on a plastic package!
  4. Get any potential problems checked out when they arise. If you’re feeling tooth or gum pain, contact our office right away. Whether due to teeth grinding, decay, gingivitis, or another problem, we will relieve your pain and ensure there isn’t a significant issue at hand.
  5. Schedule regular dental exams. Every six months, visit our Denver cosmetic dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy. Catching decay in its early stages will save you time, discomfort, and funds down the line.

Choose one practice to start immediately, then adopt the others in the coming days. Your teeth will appreciate you for it!

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