Denver Dentists Provide Comprehensive Dental Services and Oral Surgery

Complex dental cases can involve a number of dental professionals. At a time when you are already feeling stress about your involved dental treatment, you don’t need the additional uncertainty of having to deal with a new dentist or oral surgeon. Your Denver dentists at Cherry Creek Dentistry hope to eliminate as much of your dental anxiety as possible. For this reason, your Denver dentists offer oral surgery procedures, family dentistry, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. The Denver dentists that you are well acquainted and comfortable with can perform nearly any dental procedure you require.

There are nine different dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. Your Denver dentists have worked diligently to become licensed in different dental areas, to be as well rounded and knowledgeable as their patients could need them to be. You’re comfortable with our practice and our doctors, so we want to provide as much of your oral care as possible.

Just What Do Denver Dentists at Cherry Creek Dentistry offer?

Family Dentistry: Family dentistry is dentistry for every age, and every person in your life. Your Denver dentists are comfortable with pediatric dentistry, preventive dental care and education for the entire family, and installing restorative dental structures in aging mouths. Your Denver dentists Drs. John and Olinga Hargreaves are capable of addressing any dental need.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Your skilled Denver cosmetic dentists are able to perform subtle yet involved cosmetic procedures to improve your teeth, skin, and complexion. From porcelain veneers and crowns to teeth whitening to Botox and Juvederm XC, the cosmetic dentists at Cherry Creek Dentistry have a plethora of cosmetic dental techniques available to help you achieve your ideal smile.

General Dentistry: General dentists prevent, identify, and eliminate tooth decay. They instill excellent dental hygiene habits in their patient and treat a variety of oral conditions and diseases. Your Denver dentists perform ultrasonic cleanings and cavity detection via laser to make your mouth as healthy as possible.

Oral Surgery: Your Denver dentists perform a number of oral surgical procedures to ensure that you are receiving comprehensive dental care. If you need bone grafting, a sinus lift, dental extractions, or other surgical procedures done alongside your dental treatment, your Denver dentists can provide them.

Periodontal disease treatment: Typically the work of a periodontist, your Denver dentists are also able to treat periodontitis. We perform gum surgery to eliminate periodontitis. We like to make sure our patients are receiving the best treatment possible – and there’s no better way to know that than to give the treatment ourselves!

Next time you need extensive dental treatment, don’t fret: visit your Denver dentists for comprehensive dental care.

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