Your Denver dentists, Drs. John Hargreaves and Olinga Hargreaves, have been serving the Metro Denver area since 1999. In our years practicing at Cherry Creek Dentistry, our dental staff has established a caring and strong dental community. We approach each dental case with a personal touch, carefully tailoring treatments to ensure that each patient’s results are personally ideal.

As much as we love our patients, when we see someone for a checkup, we want you to be out the door with a healthy mouth as quickly as possible. To this end, we prioritize preventive dentistry. The tricky part of preventative dentistry is that it is the patient’s responsibility, and must be practiced each day to be effective. We wish we could see each patient weekly to encourage dental efforts! But reality makes it so that we generally only see you once every six months, for regular teeth cleanings. We’re invested in what happens between those cleanings. As your Denver dentists, we want to provide you with all the necessary tools to be able to take excellent care of your teeth, even while you’re away from the office.

The most basic and effective preventive dentistry practice is one and the same: consistent brushing and flossing! The flossing battle is one dentists have been fighting and losing for many years: a 2008 survey found that only 49% of Americans floss daily, and an upsetting 10% never floss at all! Your Denver dentists understand: flossing can seem tedious, time-consuming, and unnecessary. It’s actually the most important aspect of daily oral hygiene. There is simply no other way to remove bacteria from between your teeth and prevent decay. You may be shocked to learn that flossing can even increase your life expectancy! Thus, we’re hoping to erase the flossing stigma.

Here are a few of our favorite flossing tips:

–       Learn about your flossing options. There are a variety of types and flavors of floss available. Finding one that works well with your mouth and tastes great will help you think of flossing as an enjoyable part of your oral hygiene regimen. If you struggle with the mechanics of flossing, a floss holder will eliminate the strain. Ask your Denver dentists for product recommendations.

–       Consistency is key. Keep at it – not matter what! Many people return to flossing after a break, but stop because their gums are bleeding. This is simply because your gums are unused to flossing – and may also be showing the beginnings of periodontal disease. Floss consistently and the bleeding will cease. If it doesn’t stop after about one week, see your Denver dentists.

–       Floss before brushing. Though flossing can seem like an afterthought, it’s actually better to floss before you brush. This allows the toothpaste (and potentially fluoride) to reach the areas between your teeth and get your mouth extra clean.

–       Find ways to remind yourself to floss. Try placing your floss on top of your toothpaste, or some other bathroom product– somewhere you just can’t possibly overlook it. Leave a note for yourself on the bathroom mirror. Force yourself to floss!

Your Denver dentists will let you get going to buy yourself some perfect new flossing products! But first, check out the great flossing-related links below. And make sure to check in with your Denver dentists at Cherry Creek dentistry and let us know how your new flossing habit is going! Good luck!

Everything you could ever want to know about floss! From the American Dental Association.

General oral care information from Colgate (their website has excellent patient resources – browse for other dental information).

– More reasons to floss!

– A flossing technique guide – make sure you’re flossing correctly!

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