How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

woman receiving Denver dermal filler injection in the lip

We’re sure you’ve heard of Botox, and understand how it works. The newer aesthetic enhancement kid on the scene is the dermal filler. These medications supplement your skin to renew volume. While Botox relaxes target muscles to prevent them from pulling skin, Juvederm adds hydrating substances. This is useful for patients seeking rejuvenated skin on the lower half of the face. Read on to learn more about treatment specifics, as well as the aesthetic problems that Juvederm is primed to tackle.

Why Dermal Fillers Smooth Skin

As time passes, the skin loses some of its hydrating substances. This is especially true for the plump areas of the face. Fillers like Juvederm resupply hyaluronan, filling out those areas. Juvederm reverses sagging skin and fills even deep lines to smooth the lower half of the face.

Areas Ready for Juvederm

  • Laugh lines – Also known as parentheses, the lines around  your mouth can change your overall appearance. As these wrinkles surround your smile, they can even make your teeth look older or more worn than they are. Injections of Juvederm will ease these lines.
  • Lips – Your lips lose volume as you age, but you don’t have to stand by and put up with it. Dermal fillers in the hand of a talented dentist will gently enhance your lips, improving their appearance without making them look unreal. Our Denver team is highly experienced with the aesthetics of the face, and prepared to subtly plump your lips.
  • Dark triangles – When you make big changes to your teeth, the gums can respond in different ways. After aging, orthodontic treatment, gum disease, or gum recession, black triangles may appear between your teeth. Reverse the changes these make to your smile with dermal filler treatment.

Seeking changes like the ones described above? Dermal fillers could be just right for your face. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hargreaves to learn more.

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