Denver gum surgery

Have you been dissatisfied with your smile, but unsure as to what you’d like to change about it? Chances are, you’ve been neglecting to consider your gums. A perfect smile requires a combination of beautiful teeth and a beautiful gum line. Your gums may be overly long, too short, or uneven, preventing them from complementing your teeth as they should. Cosmetic gum surgery will change that. If your gums are naturally aesthetically problematic, or have experienced changes as a result of periodontal disease, our Denver team will be able to reshape your gum line to your specifications. You’ll find the results suit you and your smile – just right.

Aesthetic Gum Surgery

Depending on your mouth, you may benefit from one of the following types of gum surgery:

  • Gingivectomy – This procedure is often done for periodontal disease-related reasons, but has cosmetic applications as well. A gingivectomy will remove excess or diseased tissue from your gum line. This leaves healthy tissue unobstructed, helps stop the spread of disease, and improves the appearance of your gums.
  • Gummy smile treatment – Similar to a gingivectomy, but performed with the explicit purpose of treating an overly gummy smile, this treatment also removes gum tissue. When you smile, are you self-conscious about the amount of your gums that shows? Gummy smile treatment will correct this, exposing more of your teeth and balancing the play between soft tissue and hard tissue. You may also benefit from shots of Botox to your upper lip, to relax it slightly when smiling.
  • Gum graft – Those with chronic teeth grinding, periodontal disease, or serious decay may have experienced their gums receding. Short gums expose tooth roots, making the area sensitive and overly toothy. A gum graft will remove healthy tissue from elsewhere in the mouth and supplement that area, filling out the gum line.

Denver Gum Surgery Will Balance Your Smile

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