Soothe Your Dental Anxiety

Denver sedation dentistry
The dental chair can actually be a relaxing place!

Dental anxiety is typically formed at an early age. Because it’s something fearful patients struggle with for many years, they can fall into a thought pattern that makes it seem like the anxiety is permanent. There are actually ways to relieve dental anxiety for good. The most effective is to have positive experiences in the dental chair. Comfortable, pain-free treatment is possible, and our Denver team is ready to provide it to you. With the aid of dental sedation and dental anesthesia, your time in our office will be far more pleasant than you’d ever expected a dental appointment could be.

Dental Sedation vs. Dental Anesthesia

Anesthesia numbs an area of your body to pain. The medication blocks communication between the site and your nerves, to prevent any discomfort. We administer anesthetic to your treatment site so that you will not feel uncomfortable while we work on your teeth. Anyone who will be having a procedure that could cause any pain will be given local anesthesia, so that the treatment doesn’t harm them.

Sedation relieves feelings of anxiety by inducing calm and euphoria. Your dental sedation at Cherry Creek Dentistry may involve

  • Twilight sedation – This intravenous medication doesn’t put you to sleep, but it does place you in a slightly altered state. You will not feel anxiety during treatment, and you may even forget portions of the procedure. This is especially helpful for patients who are looking to establish more positive experiences at the dentist’s.
  • Nitrous oxide – Nitrous is inhaled throughout the course of treatment. It causes patients to feel happy and relaxed.

When is Sedation Right For Me?

While sedation and anesthesia go hand in hand, both aren’t always necessary for every appointment. Anxious patients will always have sedation available, and we will always use local anesthesia when pain is a potential. If you have any questions about your upcoming treatment and how you should prepare, please call our Denver office to discuss sedation.

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