Types of Oral Surgery

Denver oral surgery

Oral surgery can be a wonderful thing. While the thought of a surgical procedure taking place in your mouth may be intimidating, the results will make a significant difference to your life. Your surgery may be elective or necessary, but it will provide you with an improved smile no matter the case. This basic guide to forms of oral surgery available at our Denver practice will get you familiar with your surgical options. By receiving your surgery from your general dentist, you’re much more comfortable with the people, facilities, and steps involved.

Oral Surgery at Cherry Creek Dentistry

  • Bone graft – Patients who have been missing teeth for many years shouldn’t be exempt from dental implant placement. But those who have had holes in their smiles will often find that their jawbone density has diminished, making successful implant surgery an impossibility. A bone graft will supplement that bone, making dental implants possible.
  • Gum graft – Periodontal disease can cause gum recession, leaving tooth roots exposed. This both impacts tooth sensitivity and changes the appearance of a smile. A gum graft removes healthy tissue from another area of the mouth to attach it to gums that are lacking.
  • Sinus lift – Another form of bone augmentation, a sinus lift makes implant placement possible in the molar area of the upper jaw.
  • Extraction – Tooth extractions are useful in so many cases. You may need to make room for orthodontic treatment to shift teeth, remove an infected tooth, or prevent future dental problems. Drs. John and Olinga Hargreaves perform both simple and complex extractions, and are able to remove wisdom teeth.
  • Gingivectomy – While gums can recede, they may also become overgrown (often as a result of periodontal disease). A gingivectomy will remove small amounts of gum tissue to balance your smile. It can also be used to treat gummy smiles.

Your Oral Surgery

If you have any questions about an upcoming surgical procedure, please contact our Denver practice! We want you to feel comfortable and informed before the big day.

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