6 Surprising Ways to Build Healthy Teeth

Denver family dentistA new study just revealed that red wine may actually inhibit the growth of biofilm on teeth. We’re not telling you to drink more wine to stop cavities (yet), but the article got us thinking. What other pleasant things could our patients be doing to improve their oral health? Oral hygiene and dental care don’t have to be dull. There are actually simple, body-healthy steps you can be taking to improve the strength of your teeth and gums. Below, we’ve listed some easy ways to boost your oral health – without having to spend hours brushing, flossing, or in the dental chair.

Why Value Oral Health?

Keeping your mouth healthy isn’t just about preventing cavities. Oral health has ramifications across the body (and mind). By resisting the development of gum disease and caries, you give yourself a healthier, more beautiful smile – that you’re confident showing to the world. By preventing periodontal disease, you also lower your chances of experiencing heart disease, stroke, and a slew of other health problems.

Your mouth is connected to the rest of you – and it will affect other parts of the body. By keeping your mouth in great shape, you avoid untold problems. Why not take care of your mouth today to stay healthy and happy? We think preventive dentistry is the best possible course of action, and it won’t take up a significant amount of your energy or time.

How to Boost Your Oral Health – Without Making Sacrifices

  1. Chew gum! Surprised to see this tip? Well, we’re not talking about just any gum. Specifically, you should try chewing sugar-free gum, and especially sugar-free gum containing xylitol. Gum increases saliva flow in the mouth, which washes away acids and food particles before they erode enamel and give rise to cavities. Xylitol has also been proven to kill some of the harmful bacteria that cause dental caries.
  2. Drink plenty of water – Water is not only beneficial for your entire body, it specifically protects the teeth and gums. When you drink water after eating, you wash away the food particles that have remained in your mouth. This is a great substitute for brushing and flossing after eating.
  3. Denver family dentistGet your recommended dose of dairyDairy products contain calcium and phosphorous, which strengthen enamel. They also help to neutralize the mouth’s pH, preventing acids from doing harm to teeth.
  4. Cut down on your stress – This is helpful for your teeth and your entire life. Reducing anxiety is always a good idea, but it has a direct effect on teeth grinding, which can break teeth and wear down their enamel. By relaxing before bed, you reduce the chances of stress causing you to clench and grind.
  5. Choose healthy snacks – Don’t reach for sugary treats when snacking. Choose raw vegetables, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and non-citrus fruit instead. You’ll see your teeth looking great and your entire body feeling better.
  6. Floss before brushing – This is a little, nitpicky thing – but it can make a difference. If you’re using fluoride toothpaste (and you should be to strengthen your enamel), that toothpaste needs a chance to access the areas at your gum line. By flossing before brushing, you remove food particles and make those areas more accessible. The fluoride is then able to pervade the enamel in tough-to-reach spots.

Looking for more oral health and hygiene-related tips? Cherry Creek Dentistry’s team is always available to help. Call us today to get advice, schedule your next dental exam, and get answers to all your dental questions.

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