5 Motivators for Hesitant Cosmetic Dental Patients

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Nervous about treatment? We can help!

Can’t stand an aspect of your smile? If you’re not completely happy with your teeth, why not enter a cosmetic dentistry conversation? Problem is, many patients have hangups that are holding them back. We understand feeling nervous about treatment – deciding to pursue something like a smile makeover takes time and careful consideration. But you shouldn’t allow your concerns to keep you from taking any action. Until you possess your ideal smile, you’re not going to be in control of its full power. Read on for some motivators that will help you get ready to take the plunge.

Why You Should Pursue Cosmetic Dentistry

  • A different smile will change your life – in more ways than one. When it comes to social and professional interactions alike, confidence is everything. But when you’re not happy with your teeth, you just can’t be as confident as possible. Once your perfect smile is in place, many things will change for you. You’ll feel more capable. You will be more comfortable at the center of attention. You’ll be ready to take charge. You’ll smile and laugh more freely, coming off as a friendlier and happier person. All these changes will have larger ramifications within your life. But you won’t know exactly how a different smile will change things for you until it is in place.
  • Struggling with dental anxiety? Cosmetic treatment doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. If you’re scared of the dentist’s office, you may be holding back from elective treatment. The good news is that not all cosmetic procedures entail anesthesia or invasive steps. With teeth whitening or dental bonding, you’ll see results within one day – and you won’t be uncomfortable in the process.
  • Denver cosmetic dentistTreatment can be quick. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t always mean a huge mental, emotional, and financial investment. We’ll help you find treatments that fit your needs. If you’re looking for immediate results, there are actually some ways to achieve them. Bonding and whitening achieve dramatic changes within a single appointment.
  • The whole process doesn’t have to take place in the office. There are some steps you can take at home to change the appearance of your smile. With a home whitening kit from Cherry Creek Dentistry, you’ll be able to use custom-made whitening trays to whiten your teeth at home. Excellent oral hygiene is also an important part of building a beautiful smile. Regular brushing and flossing will help your cosmetic results (and your natural smile) last.
  • The results will be with you for decades. Different cosmetic treatments make a serious impact, and they carry longevity. Porcelain restorations are particularly durable.

Cosmetic Dentists in Denver

Cherry Creek Dentistry offers cosmetic and restorative expertise. Our wide range of services allow us to create a treatment plan that is perfectly in line with your needs and your aesthetic goals. Modern cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for anyone to achieve the smile that they’ve dreamed of. Whether you’re interested in subtle changes or a sweeping smile makeover, we will deliver results that look completely natural. Your future smile will still look like it is uniquely your own.

Your cosmetic treatment plan could include:

Before beginning the cosmetic process, Dr. Hargreaves will meet with you and discuss everything that you’re hoping to get out of treatment. This will help us tailor your treatment to really deliver. If you’re ready to get started, simply contact our office online. We can’t wait to unveil your new smile!

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