Hidden Benefits of Dental Implants

Denver dental implants

If you’ve spent any amount of time thinking about replacing missing teeth, you’ve surely heard about dental implants. These tooth root replacements act as foundations for dental restorations, improving the look and function of your smile. But that’s not all that implants can do. In fact, dental implants have a number of advantages that aren’t as obvious as their primary reason for placement. The way implants work makes them versatile and highly effective, making a difference to your health, appearance, aging process, and life. Read on to learn about a few of the remarkable things dental implants could accomplish for you.

Tooth Implants and Bone Strength

During dental implant surgery, titanium screws are laid into the jaw bone. These implants are then allowed time to heal. As the weeks pass, the titanium slowly integrates with bone tissue. This forms an incredible connection between bone and metal, building a support for accompanying restorations. In forming this bond, the implants support the existing jaw structure.

So why is this ability noteworthy? When you lose a tooth, the bone that connected to the root and supported the tooth loses its reason to occupy that space. Because the bone has nothing left to attach to, it begins to resorb, or dissolve. When this isn’t dealt with, the bone begins nto lose structure. This loss weakens the jaw bone, putting it at the risk of breaking. When you receive an implant, you resolve this problem by reconnecting the bone to another structure. Placing implants soon after tooth loss reduces the chance of bone loss.

Dental Implants and Your Facial Structure

Denver dental implantsLosing teeth affects your facial appearance in a few ways. Once your tooth is gone, your face loses the internal support those teeth were offering. Once the jaw bone below the tooth begins to resorb, the facial structure weakens even further. The cheeks may begin to sag, with lines or folds forming around the mouth. Should this continue, the tooth loss can end up causing a premature, dramatic shift in what your skin’s age appears to be. Because implants protect and preserve bone, they support your existing facial structure and help keep you looking young.

Denver Implant Dentistry and Your Dental Health

The aging process has an unfortunate, undeniable effect on oral health. Between increased chances of dry mouth, brittle teeth, and weak bones, there’s a higher chance of developing cavities and gingivitis, of seeing broken/damaged enamel, and of losing teeth. If you do lose a tooth, the negative impact will continue to intensify.

When there are gaps between your teeth, bacteria see them as potential homes. The dark nooks and crannies act as hosts, improving the chances of decay and gum disease developing. If you fill those gaps with implants/restorations, you will take an active role in preventive further problems. Don’t let your tooth loss kick off an aggressive, harmful cycle of further disease. Replacing teeth ASAP will stop these problem before they’re allowed to take hold.

Your Candidacy for Dental Implants

Even if you’ve been missing teeth for some time, there’s still a chance that dental implants are a possibility. Get in touch with Cherry Creek Dentistry to learn more about your potential preparation for implant placement. We will evaluate your jaws, health, and bone density. With the aid of diagnostic x-rays, Dr. Hargreaves will lay out an appropriate treatment plan. You’ll be an active part of the process, and we’ll always be available to answer any questions you have. Just contact our office to begin the restorative process – your smile and your health will see happy results.

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