Denver dental restorationsWhen you restore damaged teeth, you want the results to become a true part of your smile. When a skilled dentist combines their aesthetic know-how with a trained eye and stellar materials, this becomes a possibility. At Cherry Creek Dentistry, your dental restorations will be entirely natural in appearance. Not only will others never see a sign of dental work, you yourself will come to forget that you have dental restorations in your mouth. They will look and feel like a natural part of your smile.

Natural-Looking Dental Restorations

  1. Dental Bonding – Bonding adheres tooth-colored material (dental resin) to your teeth. It can extend the length of teeth, whiten them, close gaps, or do anything else to the appearance of your smile. And the resin’s sculptable nature makes it right for many different situations.
  2. Porcelain Veneers – Veneers create new tooth layers to restore damaged enamel. Dental porcelain is incredibly thin and allows light to pass through it in the way natural enamel does. Your veneers will look exactly like the surrounding teeth, and will change your smile in any number of ways.
  3. Porcelain Crowns – Crowns add more material than veneers, to rebuild teeth that have been significantly damaged or otherwise compromised. A far cry from the metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns of the past, all-porcelain crowns look exactly like natural teeth and are indistinguishable.
  4. Dentures with Dental Implants – Implants recreate tooth roots to provide a stable foundation for accompanying dental restorations. Once you’ve received implants, your dentures will be solidly anchored to your jaws and will look and feel much more natural.

Which Restoration Is Right For You?

Depending on your needs and your mouth, we may recommend any number of the above restorations. No matter the restoration you decide on, it will become a part of your smile. Contact our Denver office to learn more about natural restorations and all that our dentists can offer you.

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