The Healthy Diet for a Beautiful Smile

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While we’re all aware that there are foods to avoid for the sake of our teeth (primarily those with a great deal of sugar and starch), there’s less of a general knowledge of foods that are great for your teeth. We’re making the tooth-healthy diet conversation a positive one by bringing to your attention a few foods that will result in stronger teeth. By bringing these nutrient-packed snacks into your daily recipes and routines, you’ll find your teeth responding well and may find yourself cavity-free at your next dental exam.

Healthy Foods That Are Great for Your Teeth

  • Raw vegetables – Vegetables act act natural toothbrushes by scrubbing away bacteria, acids, and leftover food particles from your last snack. Moreover, they’re great for your whole-body health.
  • Nuts – Nuts provide phosphorous, which can help remineralize enamel and protect your teeth against decay.
  • Dairy and cheese – Dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheese supply your teeth with calcium and support strong enamel. When your enamel is strong, it’s more difficult for bacteria and acid to cause cavities.
  • Mushrooms, raw onions, wasabi – These three foods all kill bacteria in the mouth to prevent the rise of damaging acids. They each contain a different, bacteria-inhibiting compound that keeps the interior of your mouth normal.
  • Broccoli – Broccoli is high in iron, which can form an acid-resistant layer on teeth when you’re eating it and for a time after.

Keeping Your Tooth Enamel Strong

The enamel on your teeth is what protects each tooth’s interior from decay. Use fluoridated dental products, eat right, and avoid processed sugars and starches to treat your teeth with respect. Combine those habits with brushing and flossing regularly, and you should be able to keep your oral health in excellent shape. If you have any questions about personal oral care, we’d love to answer them; contact our Denver office.

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