Ways to Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

Denver sedation dentist
Make your next dental appointment a completely peaceful one.

We understand that dental anxiety can control your life. But we’re invested in working with you to make your dental treatment comfortable and even relaxing. By taking the appropriate steps, you will find yourself ready for treatment and comfortable with the prospect of a visit to our Denver office. Dental treatment doesn’t need to be terrifying – whether you’ve always been anxious, have had a bad past experience, or are looking for an extra boost of relaxation in your life, we’ll find ways to give you peace of mind.

Sedation Dentistry Addresses Dental Anxiety

We strive to create an office space where our patients feel welcome, appreciated, and comfortable. Dental anxiety has no place in our space. By offering unique dental sedation and open communication, we work to help you feel great at Cherry Creek Dentistry. Before your next appointment, engage in the following to find some relief:

  • Communication. Talk to our office about any fears you’re having regarding treatment. If you feel uncomfortable picking up the phone and talking about your concerns, remember that dental anxiety is incredibly common and we are experienced with helping fearful patients. We want you to feel good when receiving dental treatment.
  • Dental sedation. Our Denver office offers IV sleep sedation, a form of anxiety-reducing medication that is highly effective for the dentally phobic. Sleep sedation doesn’t place you in an unconscious state, but it does allow you to relax and also to forget the majority of your treatment.
  • Home research. Look up the steps of the procedure you’re facing prior to the big day. Understanding exactly what will be going on in your mouth will remove the fear of the unknown.

Finding A Sedation Dentist in Denver

If this is your first time experiencing sedation dentistry, prepare to be surprised by the ease of your treatment. Schedule your next exam with our office today.

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