In all honesty, how do you really feel about your dental care? For most patients, it’s something that they think of from time to time (usually around the day that the dentist’s office calls with an exam reminder), and forget about the rest of the time. Of course, you brush and floss, but are you really invested in what comes of  your oral hygiene? Our Aurora dentist thinks that you can get more engaged in your dental health – and that we can help.

When you feel comfortable with your dentist’s office, you’re more likely to care about your health overall and see improvements in the state of your teeth and gums. Why? Because forming relationships with a dental practice’s staff gets you thinking about your teeth, and what you can do to give them a boost. Plus, you’re more likely to schedule (and keep) regular exams, giving Dr. Hargreaves a better chance to look for signs of cavities and gum disease.

Ready to take your health to the next level? Then it’s time to find a dentist you can really count on.

What you can do at home to boost oral health

While regular exams are absolutely necessary, they’re bolstered by the choices you make at home. Between great brushing and flossing and a healthy diet, there are so many ways you can perk up your teeth. Struggling to follow a diet that favors your enamel? Check out this infographic for some handy food choice tips.

Ask an Aurora Dentist: When Should I Schedule my next Exam?

While there are certain risk factors that merit more frequent exams, most patients need to visit the office every six months. Unsure when your next exam should take place? Get in touch with Cherry Creek Dentistry to check on your scheduling.

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