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A teeth cleaning isn’t something that most dental patients look forward to. To some patients, cleanings may seem unnecessary, annoying, or even like a waste of time. There’s a common mentality that if one’s teeth are typically healthy, they shouldn’t need to visit the dentist every six months. In reality, we all benefit from regular dental check-ups. Being able to quickly evaluate and solve dental problems is worth visiting your Denver dentist every six months. This week’s blog post details the reasons you should anticipate your next appointment, as well as all the good regular dental exams accomplish.

Your Next Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exam with our Denver Dentist

We’ve listed below a few of our favorite aspects of regular dental exams. Which one appeals to you?

  • Preventive dentistry is inexpensive and effective. “Preventive dentistry” simply refers to taking steps to avoid dental problems, rather than dealing with them once they are present. By brushing and flossing well, wearing a mouth guard if you grind your teeth, eating well, and seeing your dentist regularly, you are engaging with preventive dentistry.
  • Dentists can diagnose problems early on. Whether you have a tiny cavity, the first signs of gingivitis, or worn dentition, your Denver dentist will take note and take action before the dental issues intensify.
  • Teeth cleanings remove plaque before it becomes an issue. Excess bacteria on teeth lead to the formation of plaque, a thin, sticky layer that can be tough to remove on your own. Plaque can lead to decay, gingivitis, and even periodontal disease, and should be removed ASAP.
  • Your dentist will evaluate the effectiveness of your oral hygiene and give you tips. Proper brushing and flossing can be a little bit tricky. Your dentist will let you know if there are ways you could improve your hygiene (no judgment, just some dental tips!)
  • Fluoride treatments strengthen your enamel’s defenses. Fluoride provided at dental exams will enhance your enamel to help prevent cavities from forming and reducing sensitivity.

Your dental exam will refresh your teeth and boost your oral health! Schedule your next appointment with our Denver dentist today.

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