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Denver dentist replace missing teethWhether you are missing single teeth or multiple teeth, you experience daily trials resulting from those gaps in your smile. Struggling with eating, speaking, and feeling comfortable showing off their smile are common problems that plague patients missing teeth. In addition to these personal challenges, teeth and bone surrounding the missing teeth will undergo damaging changes over time. Our Denver dentist implores you: don’t allow these issues to take control of your life. Replacing missing teeth has never been easier or had more beautiful results.

Denver Dentist with Reasons Missing Teeth May Be Harmful

Reasons to replace missing teeth are both biological and personal, and include:

  • Prevention of bone loss – A jaw bone without a tooth attached to it will begin to disintegrate. A lack of bone means that a dental implant will not be possible in the area. Bone loss can also change your jaw or facial structure, and leave the area susceptible to infection or disease.
  • Halting tooth drift – When your upper or lower jaw is missing a tooth, the neighboring teeth have no support. They will begin to drift into the empty space. This will cause problems with your occlusion (bite), discomfort, and will make chewing and eating more difficult.
  • Ease of eating and speaking – When you’re missing a tooth, speaking and eating can be tricky (depending on the location of the tooth).
  • Self confidence – Missing teeth make us feel anxious about showing our full smiles. Replacing missing teeth will give you a self esteem boost that many patients are amazed by.

Your Options For Replacing Missing Teeth with our Denver Dentist

Cherry Creek Dentistry specializes in restorative dentistry and offers the following restorations to replace your missing teeth:

If you require a bone graft or other preparatory dental work before getting a dental implant, we may be able to provide that in our own office. You won’t need to deal with the stress and work of seeing a separate specialist.

Get in touch with our Denver dentist to discuss your missing teeth and what we can do to restore your smile.

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