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Denver dentist causes of tooth pain

Tooth pain can take over your life and prevent you from going about your daily activities. It’s so hard to ignore, and mundane tasks like chewing and speaking can become excruciating. Our Denver dentist hates to see our patients struggling with oral pain. If you feel uncomfortable or like something may be wrong, get in touch with our office right away to schedule a dental exam. In the meantime, peruse this blog post so that you may identify the potential cause of the pain and take action at home. There are a few simple remedies that may ease your pain.

Denver Dentist Pinpoints Common Causes of Oral Pain

Keep in mind that we cannot diagnose your dental problem unless you visit our office; this is just a guide to some of the common causes of oral pain. Check out this list of symptoms and causes to understand which could be the underlying cause of your tooth pain.

  • Dental caries – Cavities form when bacteria and acid eats through your enamel. Your dentist will clean out cavities and fill the holes left behind.
  • Tooth abscess – An abscess can form when a cavity eats through your enamel and affects your tooth pulp. This is painful and can lead to an…
  • Infected tooth – An infected tooth will need to be treated with a root canal in order for you to experience pain relief.
  • Cracked tooth – If your tooth suffers a blow or other damage, it could crack or chip. A veneer or crown will restore structural integrity.
  • Bruxism – Teeth grinding will leave your teeth sore, your jaw tender, and your tooth surfaces worn down. A mouth guard will stop these damaging effects.
  • TMJ/TMD – Those with a temporomandibular joint disorder have a malfunctioning TMJ and will experience jaw tenderness, tightness, and pain. Our Denver dentist will work with you to find the best personal solution for your TMJ (this can range from splints to Botox).

Your Oral Pain May Not Be Tooth-Related | Denver Dentist

Your pain may be the result of a sinus infection or an ear infection. Your dentist will understand that the source is not dental and will likely recommend that you see your general practitioner for antibiotics. There are other health problems that can manifest as tooth pain, making it vital that you investigate the cause of your discomfort with haste. It could be pointing to a more serious issue.

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