A Guide to Sleep Sedation from our Denver Dentist

Denver dentist sleep sedation
Sleep sedation will help you feel incredibly calm and relaxed

Dental anesthesia has evolved to the point where a procedure never needs to be uncomfortable. If you are undergoing a complicated procedure or if you have dental anxiety, our Denver dentist will take steps to ensure that your anesthesia helps you relax and undergo treatment without discomfort. As we care so deeply about patient comfort, we offer sedation dentistry-oriented treatment. Cherry Creek Dentistry makes IV sleep sedation available to patients fearful of treatment. After a single procedure with twilight sedation, your fear will likely subside; we’ve seen this with many of our patients and hope to share the freedom from dental fear with you as well.

What is sleep sedation? | Denver Dentist

During sleep sedation, you will be supplied with a mild anesthetic that relaxes anxiety and makes it more difficult to form new memories. Lasting only the duration of your appointment, sleep sedation will soothe your anxiety and keep you from feeling or minding discomfort. Contrary to what its name suggests, sleep sedation does not actually put you to sleep. It induces a “twilight” state, one in which you are awake and able to respond to commands, but feel completely calm.

What will I feel like while sedated?

We will supply you with oxygen and monitor your vital signs throughout the sedation period, to ensure your body is functioning normally and you are properly sedated. We will place an IV in your hand or arm and supply medication intravenously. You will feel immediately more relaxed, and will then likely only remember a few moments of your procedure. Next thing you know, your treatment will be finished! After being sedated, you will be groggy for a period and will need someone to take you home.

Who can choose sleep sedation?

Anyone facing a typically painful procedure (like oral surgery) or experiencing dental anxiety may request sleep sedation. We want all our patients to be comfortable, and strive to tailor your treatment to your needs. If you have questions about sleep sedation or other anesthesia options, please contact our Denver dentist.

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