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Do you grind your teeth? Even if you answered “no,” there’s a good chance you actually do. Of the 5-20% of Americans who grind their teeth, only 80% are aware that they are doing so. Signs of nighttime teeth grinding may actually be showing up every morning, but you may be confusing them with sources other than teeth clenching. Our Denver dentist is using this blog post to heighten awareness of chronic teeth grinding (bruxism) and help you determine whether you may be falling prey to teeth grinding. Read on to discover the common signs of grinding, and what you can do to prevent it.

Signs of Nighttime Bruxism | Teeth Grinding

  • Sore jaws in the morning – When your jaw is working overtime, it will feel uncomfortable in the morning.
  • Jaw tightness – If your jaw feels tight, exhausted, or if movement seems restricted in the morning, you’ve been clenching.
  • Head pain – While head pain can easily be caused by a source other than grinding, if it is paired with any of these other symptoms, you’re likely grinding.
  • Sore teeth – Grinding your teeth for hours will leave the teeth sore and tender.
  • Loose-feeling teeth – Chronic grinding can lead to making your teeth feel slightly loose.
  • Worn tooth surfaces – This is a huge tell for grinding and the biggest sign you can look for, as there’s no other problem to which it can be attributed. Look at the tops of your teeth to see if they have flattened surfaces.
  • Trouble sleeping through the night – The sounds and feeling of teeth grinding will wake you (and potentially your bed partner) up at different moments throughout the night.
  • Receding gum line – Grinding causes your gums to begin to recede, exposing the tooth roots and causing sensitivity.

If you’re experiencing a combination of these symptoms, it’s time to take action. Contact Cherry Creek Dentistry to be fitted for a night guard.


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