Cherry Creek Dentistry Helps You Prevent Cavities at Home

Denver dentist prevent cavitiesYou have dental appointments every six months or so. During these appointments, your dentist examines your teeth for cavities, removes bacteria and plaque from your teeth, and polishes your teeth for additional whiteness and shine. These appointments are special cleanings for your teeth, but they can’t keep your teeth healthy all on their own. You are responsible for establishing your foundation of oral health on your own, at home. This is less daunting than it sounds! With proper brushing and flossing, mouth guards for grinders, a healthy diet, and enamel-strengthening fluoride, you’ll find you can prevent cavities with ease.

Strong Oral Health Without Cavities Denver

Your dentist knows what’s best. Before embarking on any new dental hygiene plan, check with your dentist to see what is right for your teeth. You may benefit from additional fluoride, from dental sealants, or from specific products. This blog post offers a few more general tips that will result in healthier teeth and a happier smile. Try out the following:

  • Strengthening your enamel with fluoride. Stronger enamel is more resistant to cavities, and also causes your teeth to be less sensitive. A fluoridated toothpaste should be plenty effective, although your dentist may recommend in-office fluoride treatments as well.
  • Brushing and flossing properly. Are you brushing the right way? It may be time for you to check in with yourself and ask whether your brushing technique is the right one. Check out these brushing and flossing guides for some tips.
  • Using the right products. “Right” here means both what works best for you and what you are most comfortable with. Our dentists can make product recommendations based on your needs if you’re unsure of where to start. Liking your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss will make you more eager to keep your teeth clean.
  • Eating a tooth-friendly diet. Certain foods and beverages are just better for your teeth than others. On the “Great!” list are raw vegetables, yogurt, cheeses, nuts, and water. On the “Please Avoid” list are sodas, candy, and complex carbs.

Ready to seize your oral health with renewed enthusiasm? Contact our office for advice specific to your teeth.

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