Denver Dental Implants with Dentures

Denver dentist dental implants dentures

If you’ve hesitated to replace missing teeth, part of the reason may be that you’re worried your restorations won’t look or feel like your natural teeth. But you deserve to have tooth replacements that fit securely in your mouth, and don’t seem unnatural in any way. Our Denver dentists are ready to help you achieve a smile that seems like it’s always been a part of your mouth. By pairing dental implants with dentures, we can create new teeth that are completely stable in your your mouth. If you already wear dentures, have a few missing teeth you’re hoping to replace, or haven’t tried tooth replacements before, dental implants will completely change your tooth function, your smile, and your confidence.

How do Denver Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants replace missing tooth roots. But they’re not merely temporary replacements. Implants are made of titanium, a material that integrates with your jaw bone over time. In this way, implants become a natural part of your jaw structure. Because they are connected to your bone, implants are the most secure foundations for dental restorations that you have ever experienced. Implants can support single teeth or work with full sets of dentures to support them and anchor them securely.

Dental Implants Paired with Dentures Denver

When you wear dentures, you often feel uncomfortable with their level of function. They may not fit your jaws perfectly, and may slip or click when you’re chewing or speaking. As one of the purposes of dentures is to make you feel better about the appearance of your smile, this is completely counterproductive. When dentures are paired with dental implants, that looseness and uncertainty disappears. The implants hold your dentures against your gums and help them feel more like your own teeth.

We recommend dental implants with dentures to many of our patients. If you think this could be your personal answer for missing teeth, get in touch with our office to talk tooth root replacement.

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