Denver Dentures Vs. Partials

Denver dentures partials

Today, there are countless options for replacing missing teeth. Understanding which type of restoration is right for you can be tricky. Our dentists offer this guide to dentures and partial dentures as something to help you along the restorative dentistry path. Read on to determine whether your missing teeth would benefit more from full sets of dentures or partial dentures.

Deciding on Dentures in Denver

When you’re missing a significant number of your teeth and the state of your dental health has placed restrictions on your options, full dentures will be the appropriate restorations. You will be able to wear dentures even if your oral health or periodontal health is not excellent. Dentures are removable and will assist you with eating and speaking.

Should you want to provide a better foundation for your dentures, we offer dental implants as stabilizing forces.

Choosing Denver Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are appropriate for patients missing only several of their teeth. Partial dentures fit around remaining teeth to replace the missing ones, usually with the aid of gum-colored plastic bases and a metal structure.

Partial dentures replace several missing teeth without requiring involved procedures. You will be able to easily remove and replace your partial for simple eating and cleaning.

Removable Vs. Fixed Partial Dentures

Most partials are removable, but patients may elect to get partials that are permanently bonded to their teeth. These are technically called dental bridges. They span the gap left by a missing tooth or missing teeth and anchor the false tooth/teeth to the natural teeth on either side. Choosing a removable partial over a bridge is part personal preference and part dental necessity – talk to Dr. Hargreaves to decide which would be best for you.

Considering replacing your missing teeth and reclaiming your smile? Contact our office to discuss your options with our dentists.

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