What’s the first thing you notice when meeting someone? Is it their eyes, their body language, or their clothing? For most people (including your Denver dentist), it’s none of those: it’s actually a smile. Your teeth determine others’ first impressions of you, conveying a message about your level of personal care, your health, your pride in your appearance, and your vitality. Seem like a lot for a simple smile to say? Your Denver dentist believes your teeth are so prominent and so indicative of your lifestyle that they actually speak volumes. Check out this table from an ADA and Crest/Oral-B survey on oral health attitudes:

From “The Public Speaks Up on Oral Health Care,” ADA & Crest/Oral-B, 2008

As you can see, a majority of men and women of every age ranked a smile as the most important factor in the physical attractiveness of others. But at the same time, fewer participants said they were completely happy with their own smiles. Why this discrepancy? Your Denver dentist has found that not everyone realizes a smile makeover can be easy and inexpensive. The quickest, cheapest and most effective way to improve your smile is with hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening.

Your Denver dentist at Cherry Creek Dentistry offers a variety of teeth whitening products and teeth whitening methods to suit your personal whitening goals. In-office Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening will give patients the most immediate and noticeable results. Your Denver dentist provides professional teeth whitening in-office with Zoom Whitening. The Zoom Whitening procedure employs a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel and an activating light to whiten teeth quickly and evenly. If you have time to schedule an in-office whitening appointment, you will leave Cherry Creek Dentistry with noticeably whiter teeth immediately after the appointment. The holiday season is here – do you have a teen who recently got their braces off, only to find discolored patches around their brackets’ sites? A gift of several whitening sessions will assuage their concerns and allow them to fully enjoy their beautiful straight teeth!

A little too busy to step into your Denver dentist office? A home whitening kit will give you similar teeth whitening results to those achieved in-office. Your Denver dentist can provide you with custom-made trays to use for teeth whitening, trays that fit your teeth perfectly and whiten consistently. Used in conjunction with a hydrogen peroxide gel, these trays will allow you to whiten at your own pace. Home whitening does take longer than in-office whitening, as the hydrogen peroxide solution is less intense and there is no quickening light.

Ready to fulfill your smile’s potential with brighter, whiter teeth? Ask your Denver dentist which whitening method is right for you! Remember: patients with discolored fillings or dental work and patients with highly sensitive teeth may need to explore other whitening solutions than those mentioned in this post. Your Denver dentist will work with you until you are happy with the shade of your teeth!

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