It’s time for a post-Thanksgiving check-in with your Denver dentist! The holidays are a time when our teeth suffer. Consider the endless snacking and feasting, the additional activities, the temptations to use your teeth as tools, and the extra demands on our time. These holiday festivities generally result in dental emergencies and lackluster oral hygiene. Your Denver dentist is seizing this opportunity to discuss oral health awareness. Perhaps you’ve already cracked a tooth on a nut shell, or lost dental work during a tackle in your family’s Thanksgiving football game. Look to your Denver dentist for dental care and tips on avoiding tooth damage next year.

How to prevent tooth decay and tooth damage throughout the holiday season:

  • Get a professional teeth cleaning. Your Denver dentist hopes that you keep regular teeth cleanings throughout the year (every six months!), but pre- and post-holidays are especially important times. It’s likely that tooth decay resulting from sweets & snacking has already begun to exhibit signs that your Denver dentist will catch during a teeth cleaning. At Cherry Creek Dentistry, our DIAGNOdent laser tooth decay detection makes it simple to spot even early signs of cavities.
  • Pay attention to what your teeth are telling you. Are you noticing especially bad breath, or twinges from a certain area in your mouth? It’s likely that something is wrong. Your Denver dentist will make time for you, even during the busy holiday season: if you are experiencing tooth pain, schedule an appointment online, right now.
  • Practice preventive dentistry. Preventive dentistry is simply taking excellent care of your teeth at home. When you’re away from the dental chair and your next appointment is months away, it’s typical to have little motivation to take care of your teeth. Especially during the crush of the holiday season, who has time for brushing, flossing, or a fluoride rinse? But if you take care of your teeth today, you’ll avoid hefty sums and many hours in the dental chair restoring your teeth. Brush and floss after meals (and ensure that you are brushing and flossing correctly!), and throw in an occasional fluoride rinse to strengthen enamel against the oral bacteria onslaught that accompanies the holidays.

Give yourself one of the greatest holiday gifts possible: taking care of yourself and your teeth. Check in with your Denver dentist to ensure that you are in excellent oral health. No matter how your mouth feels, only your dentist can ensure that you are free of decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. Knowing is the first defense!

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