Denver Sedation Dentist Relieves Dental Anxiety

Consider the steps involved in a typical dental visit, perhaps one in which your Denver sedation dentist fills a cavity. What is the the most important step? Did you think about the removal of the cavity, the bonding of the new filling, or the administration of anesthesia? Though it may not pop out as the most significant work your dentist does, dental anesthesia is actually the most crucial aspect of your dental treatment. Anesthesia allows the patient to relax, the dentist to work more efficiently, and the dentist-patient relationship to grow strong. Just as you can’t trust someone who causes you pain, your Denver sedation dentist cannot work contentedly and calmly knowing that he or she is hurting a patient. Anesthesia eliminates these concerns and ensures painless dentistry.

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, we work to assuage dental anxiety. By stimulating patient-dentist communication, your Denver sedation dentist establishes a personal connection with patients and hopes to make them comfortable voicing any questions or concerns. But answering questions can only accomplish so much. In order to prevent our patients from feeling any discomfort during dental appointments or dental procedures, we offer both IV sleep sedation and local anesthesia.

Denver, CO sedation dentistry will allow you to completely relax in the dental chair. Patients with extreme dental anxiety generally fail to keep regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups, causing their teeth to sustain greater damage and decay. They are so afraid of the pain they anticipate while in the dental chair that avoiding dental work overtakes the reasons they actually need to visit a dentist. With IV sleep sedation dentistry, these patients will not feel pain or even remember their time in the dental chair. While sedated, you will still be conscious and capable of responding to your Denver sedation dentist’s questions. During the period of sedation, your vital signs will be carefully monitored and oxygen supplied. Dental IV sedation is not general anesthesia — you will not be unconscious, and will not be groggy after the procedure.

Patients without dental anxiety also deserve painless dental treatment. To this end, we administer local anesthesia. Your Denver sedation dentist first applies a topical anesthetic to limit even the pain of the anesthetic injection. Afraid of needles? You won’t feel this one: that numbing oral anesthetic gel will mask the sensation of the needle. You’ll likely feel nothing more than a tiny pinch.

Painless dentistry may sound like hyperbole, but it is a possibility. Have you been avoiding dental care due to dental anxiety? Contact our Denver sedation dentists to discuss a new kind of dental appointment: one you will not feel, fear, or even recall. Put your dental stress and past traumas to rest, and experience the difference of dental IV sedation with Cherry Creek Dentistry.

More tips for reducing your dental anxiety (remember to ask your dentist any questions! This will make you much calmer during treatment): Coping With Dental Phobia

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