Denver Dentists Utilize Dental Lasers for Patient Comfort

Though the glut of new technological capabilities constantly entering our world can feel a bit overwhelming, your Denver dentists are excited about their evolving procedural options. Emerging dental technologies continue to make dental procedures and oral surgery more comfortable for patients, and simpler for dentists. One of the most effective, versatile, and proven new dental technologies is the use of dental lasers for both soft and hard tissues. Your Denver dentists at Cherry Creek dentistry employ dental lasers in a variety of treatments to reduce dental pain, dental anxiety, and recovery time.

With the use of dental lasers, your Denver dentists and Denver oral surgeons are able to:

–       Quickly detect and eliminate tooth decay

–       Cure fillings and other restorative dental materials

–       Reshape teeth and dental structures

–       Enhance teeth whitening

–       Perform periodontal surgical procedures

Most of these procedures would typically be completed with the use of a dental drill. Denver dentists are aware that patients tend to abhor the drill; they are (understandably!) put off by the associated sounds and sensations. Dental lasers reduce the need for local anesthesia, while operating without drilling or whining noises. Denver dental lasers also reduce bleeding by sealing tissues as they cut, control swelling, and minimize post-procedural discomfort. Your Denver dentists and Denver oral surgeons prefer lasers for both the enhanced patient comfort and the incredible precision. Dental laser treatment is easier for both patient and dentist!

At Cherry Creek Dentistry, your Denver dentists and oral surgeons employ the following lasers:

The Diagnodent Classic – The Diagnodent laser ensures early discovery of tooth decay, without intrusive drilling or x-rays. Your Denver dentist is able to detect decay by simply passing the laser over the tooth and measuring reflection of certain wavelengths of light. Your Denver dentists use the Diagnodent at each cleaning.

Soft Tissue Diode Laser – Dental diode lasers can also eliminate periodontal disease. Your Denver oral surgeon uses a soft tissue laser to treat the mouth’s soft tissues with minimal pain. Your Denver cosmetic dentist may use a laser to treat aphthous ulcers or infected gum tissue, or to shape your gumline as desired. Laser gum surgery has a much shorter recovery time than traditional oral surgery.

Your Denver dentists at Cherry Creek Dentistry use lasers in every possible procedure to provide dental laser’s benefits to as many patients as possible. Experience the dental laser difference by making an appointment with a Cherry Creek dentist!

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  1. Hey that was a great info about the Diode dental laser system.. and it is available in either an 810nm or 980nm wavelength. And can be performed a wide spectrum of soft tissue procedures such as periodontal, endodontic, tissue homeostasis,bio-stimulation and aesthetic applications.

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