Denver Dentist on Feeling Great During Your Next Dental Appointment

Denver dentist dental appointment

If your next dental appointment is approaching, you may be feeling some level of anxiety. Our Denver dentist hopes to alleviate those nerves with some patient education. By learning just what your exam or procedure will be like, and what anesthesia options will be available to you, you will be able to approach the date with confidence and ease. We care about our patients’ comfort, and will not proceed with your work until you are ready to do so.

Procedure Details from our Denver Dentist

No matter the dental procedure you will be having done, it’s possible to learn much about the procedure specifics online. We’ve linked below to a few of the most common procedures completed at our practice so that you may learn more about what they entail.

If your treatment isn’t one of the above, browse our website for more information.

Dental Sedation Available at Cherry Creek Dentistry

Dental anesthesia ensures that you will be able to undergo treatment without feeling discomfort or forming negative opinions on dental work. Our practice offers a wide variety of forms of anesthesia and sedation (the difference between the two being that anesthesia numbs nerves to pain, and sedation relaxes the nervous system). Listed below are the ways the forms of anesthesia and sedation are administered.

  • Local anesthesia – Numbing the site where the work will be done
  • Oral sedation – Taking a pill that will induce a state of calm
  • IV sleep sedation – Receiving an intravenous drug that will relax you and place you in a conscious but sedate “sleep” state
  • Nitrous oxide – Inhaling a gas that will induce a sense of euphoria and relaxation
  • General anesthesia – Being “put under,” placed in an unconscious state, so that you do not experience or remember treatment.

Our Denver dentist is always available to answer questions – contact our office if you have any remaining trepidation about your appointment.

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