Denver restorative dentistryHow long have you been putting up with teeth that aren’t making you happy? Some patients have teeth that are worn, with eroded enamel that has left them yellow, small, and apparently older than their years. Others have cracks or chips that leave imperfections in their smiles. Still others are missing entire teeth, presenting holes when they smile and struggling to eat and speak properly. If any of these situations are familiar, it’s time to consider restorative dentistry. Our Denver staff lays out a few reasons why.

Considering Restoring Your Teeth?

Just why should you seek dental treatment for teeth that need some rebuilding? A few of our favorite reasons include:

  • Rebuilding teeth can be simple. Direction restorations are available chairside, during a single appointment, for an affordable price. Dental bonding applies tooth-colored dental composite to front teeth lacking structure. Bonding will cover stains, fill gaps, lengthen teeth, and even repair chips. If the tooth doesn’t bear significant pressure during biting and chewing, bonding could be appropriate.
  • Restoring teeth improves your oral health. The gaps left by missing teeth foster bacteria growth and plaque buildup, leading to decay of neighboring teeth. Periodontal disease may take hold in the area, and the jawbone beneath will resorb (dissolve) without tooth supporting it. Replacing or rebuilding teeth prevents these problems.
  • Restorative dentistry simplifies daily activities. Eating, chewing, speaking, and even smiling all become easier and more comfortable to do with full sets of functional teeth.
  • Replacing teeth transforms the way you feel about yourself. This is the one that makes our Denver team the happiest. When we present patients with their newly restored smiles, they are completely thrilled. They find their confidence, personal capability, and even their approach to the world are renewed and rebuilt along with their teeth.

Restorative Dentistry in Denver

If you’re seeking dental work, or just hoping to learn more about restorative dental techniques, we’d love to meet with you. Schedule a complimentary consultation.

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