When a Smile Makeover Makes a Difference

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Is a smile makeover really worth the investment?

Cosmetic treatment can feel intimidating at its outset. How can you know that you’re going to get what you want out of the process? Will the money, time, and energy spent on reshaping your smile bring you all that you’re hoping for?

We think cosmetic dentistry can often be the right step  – and we’ve got the facts to prove it. Depending on the way you feel about your smile, and the grin you’re currently presenting to the world, changing your teeth could put you at an entirely new level. Wondering how this is possible? Read on for a comprehensive discussion of changes possible with cosmetic treatment.

When Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Oral Health

Cosmetic treatment’s first benefit is simple: improved oral health. Certain changes will actually lower your risk of developing cavities or gum disease, and lead to a longer-lasting smile. And who doesn’t want their teeth to enjoy longevity?

Some of these health-boosting changes include

  • Straightening teeth – When your teeth are crowded or crooked, there are cramped spaces that foster bacterial growth. This makes it more likely for you to experience caries or gingivitis. Problems with your bite can also lead to painful, chronic jaw disorders. By realigning your teeth, you give yourself a better chance of avoiding these problems.
  • Filling gaps – When there’s space in your smile, your teeth tend to shift toward the gap. This can damage your smile’s health and appearance. With veneers or bonding, you can fill in these empty spaces and prevent drifting teeth.
  • Strengthening teeth – With weak enamel, you’re likely to experience sensitivity, and may be prone to developing decay. Veneers will cover worn portions of your teeth and protect the structure within.

The Way You (And The World) Feel About a Beautiful Smile

Denver cosmetic dentistry

A survey administered by the American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry asked participants about their thoughts on the importance of beautiful smiles. Individuals recorded their thoughts on their own and others’ teeth, at different stages of life. Their findings show the importance of gorgeous grins, and even link perception of personality traits to the appearance of teeth.

The survey showed that the public believes

  • The smile is our most important physical feature, whether young or old
  • Lovely teeth remain attractive as we age
  • We are willing to spend money to maintain a young-looking, beautiful smile, and are more willing to spend on our teeth than other (more apparent) signs of aging.
  • Smiles are more important to first impressions than other visual factors, and even the words that you say upon meeting someone
  • People with damaged or unattractive smiles appear to be less confident

Which of these points are you most excited to make a part of your life? With a great smile, new doors are opened. Whether you focus on the way the improvement boosts your confidence, aids your professional life, or heightens your comfort level in social situations, there’s something for everyone in cosmetic dentistry. Soon, you could be seizing your most capable self.

Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation in Denver

The first step toward your perfect smile (and life!) is getting in touch with a cosmetic dentist. During a consultation, you’ll talk to a professional about the changes you’re interested in making, and procedures that could accomplish these goals.

Your smile should speak to your inner self. If you’re in need of some dental tweaks, Cherry Creek Dentistry is here to help. Just contact us online or call us at (303) 758-7676 to take a big step forward. We’re excited to unveil your new smile.

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