Denver Porcelain Crowns Restore Worn Teeth

Denver porcelain crowns

Worn teeth create overall aesthetic effects that we just don’t appreciate. They look smaller, yellower, and less healthy. Our smiles appear to be prematurely aged and brittle. Although you can be in excellent health and possess worn teeth, they make us look like our teeth aren’t healthy. You may be uncertain as to how to deal with your worn teeth. If you haven’t heard of full mouth reconstruction, we’d love to introduce you to the process of rebuilding your teeth. It’s possible to restore your teeth entirely without compromising the appearance of your smile. Rather, your final smile will be whole, healthy-looking, and very natural. One of the indispensable restorations involved in full mouth reconstruction is the porcelain crown.

Porcelain Crowns in Denver

Dental crowns rebuild teeth that are lacking in structure. A cap is placed over remaining natural tooth to strengthen the entire structure. Your tooth may need to be prepared in order for the crown to fit over it. Once readied, your tooth will fit inside the crown perfectly to support the new tooth structure. Porcelain crowns match your other teeth in color, and will become an attractive part of your smile. With crowns, teeth that have been worn down over many years can be restored to their former glory. You’ll revel in the youthful, wholesome smile crowns help you regain.

Denver | Prevent Worn Teeth

Once your smile is rebuilt, you will want to take steps to ensure that it remains strong for many years to come. Dr. Olinga Hargreaves and Dr. John Hargreaves will work with you to diagnose any damaging habits that may be wearing down your enamel. If you are grinding your teeth, have a TMJ disorder, have dry mouth, or if your gums are recessing, we will take measures to stop these problems. If your crowns aren’t damaged, they will last for many years and continue to protect your natural teeth. Learn more about crowns or full mouth reconstruction by getting in touch with our office.

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