Denver laser dentistryHave you ever experienced dental treatment performed not with a drill, but with a laser? If you have, you’ll recall that moment when the laser hit your tooth and you realized that the reign of the dental drill was thankfully over. Laser dental treatment is a whole new deal. While lasers carry countless advantages in terms of the effectiveness of their work, they make a huge impact on the level of patient comfort. The way lasers function allows them to cut tissue and tooth without causing you the discomfort a dental drill does. Don’t believe the hype? Read on to learn about a few specifics of dental laser treatment, then give us a call to schedule your next procedure with Cherry Creek Dentistry.

Uses of Lasers in Dentistry | Denver

Dental lasers can be used on both hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (gums).

Hard Tissue Laser Procedures

  • Tooth preparation for crowns and veneers
  • As a catalyst for teeth whitening gels
  • Removal of decay

Soft Tissue Laser Procedures

Soft tissue lasers are particularly versatile, as their advantages make them ideal for working with gingival tissue.

  • Frenectomy (cutting a thin piece of tissue that connects two areas of the mouth, like the tongue to the bottom of your mouth or your upper lip to your jaw, to allow better movement)
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Gingival recontouring to correct a gummy smile
  • Elimination of bacteria in periodontal pockets
  • Periodontal pocket reduction
  • Stimulation of new tissue growth (both gum and bone) to heal areas affected by periodontal treatment
  • Detection of oral cancer
  • Removal of canker sores and abscesses

Lasers can do so much for your teeth… and they do so while making you more comfortable in the dental chair. Lasers reduce bleeding and lessen the need for anesthesia, making recovery time after the procedure much briefer. They are also more precise than standard dental tools, allowing for treatment without collateral damage. If you haven’t experienced laser treatment, we urge you to discover the difference. Simply get in touch with our office to schedule your next appointment.

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